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Re: Theos-World Re: Electing the PTS

Oct 18, 2008 05:08 AM
by Cass Silva

According to the stars all transparancies will be revealed - something to do with Saturn or is it Pluto?


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> You have hit on the Achilles heel. None of the brilliant stragists 
> the GC has brought out all the ramifications of tampering with the 
> Add to it is the need for transparency. Keeping the GC meeting 
matters super
> secret should end. Continued secrecy gives the GC members an 
opportunity to
> create mischief on an on going basis. We do not know what is going 
on inside
> today! We are where we are primarily due to this.
> Not a single one of the GC members have ever brought up the secrecy 
> They like it. It serves them. It is to their advantage and helps 
them to
> manipulate what goes on. None of the sections would know about what 
> their reps took in decisions and what horse trading went on behind 
> scenes. All decisions taken are kept as top secret. For example, we 
> some changes were made in 2006 or so and no one has talked about 
it. None of
> us know who are behind them and what was their motivations and what 
were the
> arguments for and against.
> It is one reason why in all democracies, all discussions and voting 
> place in the open.
> Again let us know forget the warning to AB from one of the 
Founders -
> Unnecessary secrecy has killed many organizations.

The amendment to the Rules of the TS which was approved in 2006 is 
included in the Minutes of the meeting of the General Council of the 
TS for December 2006. The Minutes are an integral part of the Annual 
Report of the Theosophical Society for 2006 which was sent, by the 
International Secretary, to all General Secretaries, Organising 
Secretaries, Presidential Representatives and Lodges directly 
attached to Adyar. 

The Annual Report of the TS, which is sent out from Adyar every year 
around March/April, is therefore a public document. It is up to the 
above officials, which include GC members, to make it available to TS 



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