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Re: Theos-World Re: Questioning authenticity

Oct 18, 2008 00:06 AM
by Drpsionic

No, but waking up getting mouth to mouth resesutaion , or however it's  
spelt, from the Master DK was a great shock.  It seems that he had chosen  that 
moment to get lost on his flying carpet and landed in my back yard just in  time.
Chuck the heretic
In a message dated 10/17/2008 8:34:11 P.M. Central Daylight Time, writes:

ahhh, but apparently you didn't...uh.ahhh, buta

On 17 Oct  2008 at 11:16, _Drpsionic@aol.Drp_ (   

> Everyone gets frustrated with HPB. Just ask Col.  Olcott! The first 
> time I
> dove into the Secret Doctrine I  damned near drowned.
> And getting CPR from the Master DK was  embarrassing to say the least.
> Chuck the Heretic
> In a message dated 10/17/2008 9:19:02 A.M. Central Daylight  Time,
> _adelasie@sbcglobal.ade_ (   writes:
> With all due respect, Anand, your "survey" of people  you have known
> who were frustrated with the writing of HPB may not be  a particularly
> meaningful statistic. Your authority for doing an  assessment of HPB's
> writing may not hold up for anyone who finds HPB's  writing to be
> challenging, fulfilling, informative, and dependably  enriching. It
> may be fair to say that the opinion of A.P. Sinnett is  no more
> meaningful than the opinion of, say, myself. The ancient  wisdom has
> been offered from inner planes to us to further our  evolution. If we
> choose to accept what we can and work on  understanding the rest, we
> may find benefit. We are learning to think  for ourselves, not to be
> blindly led by anyone who has a bias or an  agenda to promote.
> Personally, I would rather share what I find  valuable and encourage
> others to try it and see if they find it  valuable also. There is no
> way to prove the authenticity of this  material, except to try it out
> in our daily lives and see if it helps  or not. There have been no
> shortage of people who have chosen to  denigrate and ridicule the
> messenger of the inner wisdom, no matter  who that messenger has been
> down through the ages. But the message  continues to comfort and
> support sincere seekers, and it most likely  will continue to do so
> into infinity, no matter how hard the forces of  separation and
> disunity seek to destroy. Unity is the message, and it  will prevail.
> Adelasie
> On 17 Oct 2008 at  5:23, Anand wrote:
> >
> > --- In  _theos-talk@ --- In  _t --- In  _theo
> _talk@yahoogroups.tal_ ( ) ,
>  "adelasie" <adelasie@..a> wrote:
> > >
> >  > Probably there is no final word on this issue: how authentic is 
>  the
> > > work of HPB. Perhaps the final answer to the question  lies in the
> > > heart of evey reader. Does this work speak to  you or does it not? 
> If
> > > so, it is pure gold. If not,  search elsewhere. But it seems 
> somehow
> > > unnecessary  to accuse HPB of misdeeds when the very process by 
> which
> >  > she attained her information is a mystery that few have plumbed, 
>  the
> > > more obviously because of the misinterpretations that  abound. If 
> the
> > > work does not inspire the student,  is it not possible that it 
> might
> > > have a very  different effect on another student? Therefore why
> > impute
>  > > negativity?
> >
> > I have come across more people  who are frustrated, disappointed by
> > Blavatsky's writing than  people who are inspired by her writing. 
> That
> > made me do  assessment of Blavatsky's writing. For your information, 
> A.
>  > P. Sinnett was also of the opinion that Blavatsky's own thoughts
>  > contaminated so called Mahatma Letters.
> > Best
> >  Anand Gholap
> >
> >
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