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Theos-World Re: Electing the PTS

Oct 17, 2008 09:40 PM
by Anton Rozman

Dear friends,

In democratic parliamentary systems the direct democracy of voters is 
usually introduced with their possibility to propose a referendum on 
certain important issues; and certain number of undersigned 
applications from the part of proponents is needed to launch a 
referendum. But I see a problem if we would like to promote such a 
possibility within the frame of current TS Rules and Regulations. 

Firstly, the whole system is based on hierarchy and members are 
obliged to promote their demands (in number of cases) through their 
General Secretaries. So, the possibility to have their voice and 
right heard is already ingrained in the system but in practice it 
does not work. 

Secondly, the Theosophical Society, as I already mentioned, does not 
operate as an international organization. It is not registered as 
such in the countries around the world what additionally hinders its 
members to make the TS Rules and Regulations functional on national 
and international level. I called International Secretary's attention 
to this fact already 15 years ago but it seems that there is no 
interest to make any move in this direction. 

Actually, in the current system it would be most natural that 
individual members or group of members can promote certain special 
demands or initiatives directly through the President. 

The members' sole ally at this moment is internet and you will see 
the first sign that the TS officers take brotherhood seriously only 
when you will see public proposals of policies and plans of work 
(open for discussion) on national and international level. Until then 
the Theosophical Society will be de facto managed through various 
linked organizations and members' sole option to promote their 
demands, rights and initiatives will be self-organization and use of 

Best regards,

--- In, MKR <mkr777@...> wrote:
> Thanks for the info. We are discovering something everyday. I have 
> seen any published in the US Section. May be the GS members are 
> that the document is "Secret" and as such they should not share it 
> members.
> We see annual reports all the time. Clever use of language can and 
> routinely used to hide critical information. Most times one has to 
read in
> between the lines. While I am not saying that is the case with the 
TS Annual
> reports, I have seen it happen in many other organizations. Clever 
use to
> hide important information is not limited to Annual Reports. It can 
be seen
> in most political and business statements, if only one takes the 
time read
> them.
> Also these reports will not tell you much on who the key players 
are and
> their motivations and justifications and the level of support for 
> decisions and who the supporters and non supporters are. People 
should be
> able to stand up and be counted and members should know about it. 
That is
> true democracy. I hope we will see it soon.
> mkr
> On 10/17/08, Pedro Oliveira <prmoliveira@...> wrote:
> >
> >   --- In <theos-talk%>, MKR
> > <mkr777@> wrote:
> >
> > > You have hit on the Achilles heel. None of the brilliant 
> > inside
> > > the GC has brought out all the ramifications of tampering with 
> > rules.
> > > Add to it is the need for transparency. Keeping the GC meeting
> > matters super
> > > secret should end. Continued secrecy gives the GC members an
> > opportunity to
> > > create mischief on an on going basis. We do not know what is 
> > on inside
> > > today! We are where we are primarily due to this.
> > >
> > > Not a single one of the GC members have ever brought up the 
> > issue.
> > > They like it. It serves them. It is to their advantage and helps
> > them to
> > > manipulate what goes on. None of the sections would know about 
> > stands
> > > their reps took in decisions and what horse trading went on 
> > the
> > > scenes. All decisions taken are kept as top secret. For 
example, we
> > hear
> > > some changes were made in 2006 or so and no one has talked about
> > it. None of
> > > us know who are behind them and what was their motivations and 
> > were the
> > > arguments for and against.
> > >
> > > It is one reason why in all democracies, all discussions and 
> > takes
> > > place in the open.
> > >
> > > Again let us know forget the warning to AB from one of the
> > Founders -
> > > Unnecessary secrecy has killed many organizations.
> >
> > The amendment to the Rules of the TS which was approved in 2006 is
> > included in the Minutes of the meeting of the General Council of 
> > TS for December 2006. The Minutes are an integral part of the 
> > Report of the Theosophical Society for 2006 which was sent, by the
> > International Secretary, to all General Secretaries, Organising
> > Secretaries, Presidential Representatives and Lodges directly
> > attached to Adyar.
> >
> > The Annual Report of the TS, which is sent out from Adyar every 
> > around March/April, is therefore a public document. It is up to 
> > above officials, which include GC members, to make it available 
to TS
> > members.
> >
> > Pedro
> >
> > 
> >
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