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Re: Theos-World Were Mahatma Letters forgery?

Oct 17, 2008 03:21 PM
by Raquel Rodríguez

I know Cass
What I meant for amazing, was the stubborn capacity of Anand to bang his head in to such a hard wall and his amazing persistence in trying to make as believe we should also do. Amazes me his inability to look at facts, to speculate about something he obviously can not understand without any foundation. And the most amazing is that he himself believes he is doing so in the name of Truth.
I said is painful because is becoming insulting, but I also have realize that nothing that any member can say on this group will make his mind chance. Anything we would say he will turn it on his head to make it fit to what is already established on his mind.
Communication is amazingly unexisting, I could have say many things, but they would be just food for his own way of thinking.
Nothing of what Anand can say right now would make my mind change a little. My mind needs certain amount of foundaition to settle in something and I do not see any on him, but is not point to get annoyed whit it nothing would be changed by it, and everyone has the right to his own mind. With him I am learning to permeate my heart against insult.
Best Regards

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De: Cass Silva <>
Asunto: Re: Theos-World Were Mahatma Letters forgery?
Fecha: viernes, 17 octubre, 2008 2:17

He is spreading lies

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Asunto: Re: Theos-World Were Mahatma Letters forgery?
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Fecha: jueves, 16 octubre, 2008 10:58

I know some of the facts are very unpleasant. And if I tell those or
suggest that possibility, many followers filled with devotion towards
their leaders will be offended. However, I think, it is better to face
the unpleasant truth instead of believing pleasant lies. 
I find that in this group some people are really interested in knowing
the truth, however unpleasant it may be. They asked me questions many
times and so I thought I will tell my understanding of the subject. 
Philosophy can be harsh. It ruthlessly pursues truth. And any true
intellectual has to be ready to face the truth even if it is harsh and

Anand Gholap

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