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Note from the Mahatma Received by Damodar

Oct 17, 2008 10:14 AM
by danielhcaldwell

Damodar K. Mavalankar
September 1880
Bombay, India

[On] Aug. 27, 1880, HPB and Col. O. left Bombay for Simla and other 
places in the North [of India]. I worked all alone in HPB's 

[One day in September] at about 2 in the morning after finishing my 
work, I locked the door of the room and lay in my bed. Within about 2 
or 3 minutes I heard HPB's voice in her room calling me. [NOTE:  
Remember HPB was in northern India at this time at Simla.]

I got up with a start and went in. She said "some persons want to see 
you" and after a moment added, "Now go out, do not look at me." 
Before however I had time to turn my face, I saw her gradually 
disappear on the spot and from that very ground rose up the form of 
[Mahatma Morya]. By the time I had turned back, I saw two others 
dressed in what I afterwards learned to be Tibetan clothes. One of 
them remained with [Mahatma Morya] in HPB's room. The other one I 
found seated on my bed by the time I came out. Then he told me to 
stand still for some time and began to look at me fixedly. 

I felt a very pleasant sensation as
if I was getting out of my body. I cannot say now what time passed 
between that and what I am now going to relate. But I saw I was in a 
peculiar place. It was the upper end of Cashmere at the foot of the 
Himalayas. I saw I was taken to a place where there were only two 
houses just opposite to each other and no other sign of habitation. 
>From one of these came out the person [Koot Hoomi, who] ordered me to 
follow him. After going a short distance of about half a mile, we 
came to a natural subterranean passage. After walking a considerable 
distance through this subterranean passage, we came into an open 
plain. There is a large massive building thousands of years old. The 
entrance gate has a large triangular arch. Inside are various 
apartments. I went up with my Guru to the Great Hall. The grandeur 
and serenity of the place is enough to strike anyone with awe. 

While standing there, I do not know what happened, but suddenly I 
found myself in my bed. It was about 8 in the morning. What was that 
I saw? Was it a dream or a reality? Perplexed with these ideas, I was 
sitting silent when down fell a note on my nose. I opened it and 
found inside that it was not a dream but that I was taken in some 
mysterious way in my astral body to the real place of Initiation.  

Source:  Damodar K. Mavalankar. Damodar and the Pioneers of the 
Theosophical Movement. Comp. Sven Eek. Adyar, Madras: Theosophical 
Publishing House, 1965,

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