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Oct 16, 2008 11:59 PM
by Leon Maurer

On Wed Oct 15, 2008 6:38 pm ((PDT))  "Edgar Owen"   
> What's a morphogenetic field? In simple physics speak please.
> Edgar

A morphogenetic field is any radiant information carrying field that  
carries the holographically encoded, wave interference patterned   
formative information necessary to guide and control the genesis of  
any organic physical form.

Thus, while the DNA morphogenetic field, consisting of the fields  
encoded in each amino acid base, can determine the structure and  
guide the formation of each protein -- there also has to be a  
similarly encoded field that guides the physical placement of each  
particular protein in specific cells within the overall 3-d structure  
of the body.  Such morphogenetic fields, analogous to the field  
originating in the naval chakra and surrounding the entire body,  
would also have to carry the overall 3-d holographic image shape of  
the entire body's cellular structure as a matrix for such placement.   
According to Sheldrake, such body surrounding fields could overlap  
with identical frequency phased structural information fields of  
adjacent bodies, and thus, resonantly transfer useful genetic  
information across entire species -- much faster than natural  
selection due to ordinary processes of reproduction.  This could  
account for the rare burst of rapid evolution within a species, or  
"punctuated equilibrium" as Gould theorized it.  It also could  
account for the relatively rapid transfer of genetic information  
observed in mixtures of different single cell bacteria in a suitable  
nutritive medium.

The only way that this could be possible, would be if these  
morphogenetic fields were higher order phases of the analogous series  
of fractal involved "hyperspace fields" (ref: Kaku) surrounding every  
zero-point source of energy generating each particle, atom, molecule,  
cell, organ, body, etc.-- as hypothesized in my ABC fractal involved  
holographic field theory of cosmogenesis, and also postulated by  
string, QF, LQG, and other multidimensional and/or sub quantum field  

In my ABC view of the cosmogenetic fields, the morphogenetic or  
formative body matrix fields are on the analogous "astral" field  
level of the fourth lowest "physical" field level of the third logos  
of Cosmogenesis.  See:

Hope this helps.

Leon Maurer
> On Oct 15, 2008, at 9:06 PM, Leon Maurer wrote:
>> On Mon Oct 6, 2008 7:29 am ((PDT)) "John Clem"
>> yanniru wrote:
>>> Edgar, I lost my computer due to a lightning strike
>>> and also lost the bookmark to the Hau paper that indicated
>>> that the transfer of info from one entangled BEC to another
>>> was instantaneous, or at least shorter than measurement time.
>>> I have not taken the time to recreate such bookmarks even though  
>>> that
>>> will be easy as I saved the paper in MY DOCs which are not lost.
>>> Perhaps your and Rybos interest will motivate me.
>>> However, you may be interested in my string theory explanation of
>>> entanglement. But first I quote from a S&C post from yesterday:
>>> "Goswami (59) defends Rupert Sheldrake and the idea of morphogenetic
>>> fields, he writes: "The interaction of the morphogenetic field with
>>> physical matter is a resonance of sorts. It is nonlocal,  
>>> requiring no
>>> exchange of signals through space. Such nonlocal interactions are
>>> instantaneous."
>>> I think that string theory explains morphogenetic fields as well.
>>> The idea of a string theory explanation of entanglement comes from
>>> the basic EPR experiments which seem to define entanglement,  
>>> although
>>> the definition of this word is being diluted or broadened recently.
>>> By entanglement I mean that a number of particles greater than one
>>> can behave as one.
>>> So in the EPR experiments two apparent particles are created at a
>>> point in space (and time) which subsequently fly off in opposite
>>> directions. To make a long story short, in superstring theory, in
>>> order to create the two particles at least 9 spacetime dimensions  
>>> are
>>> needed. String theorists claim that the extra dimensions, up to  
>>> 28 in
>>> some formulations, are compactified into Planck-scale manifolds or
>>> subparticles.
>>> Not being a string physicist, I claim that in particle-pair  
>>> creation,
>>> compactification occurs in two stages: first the separated particles
>>> are connected by a thread of (nearly compactified) extra dimensions;
>>> and subsequently when one or the other particle experiences an
>>> interaction, like being measured, the thread breaks up into point-
>>> like compactified subparticles and the particles are no longer
>>> entangled.
>>> So I postulate that a BEC is composed of atoms that are connected by
>>> such threads of extra dimensions. And likewise, when two separate
>>> BECs become entangled by the experimenter, the two BECs become
>>> connected by such threads.
>>> Moreover, I suspect that quantum waves and fields exist in or on
>>> these compactified dimensions whether entangled or not.
>>> As a visual, I see the expansion of space as in the Big Bang as a
>>> compactification process of two dimensions shrinking into a loop and
>>> a anti-loop as the third dimension expands in each of 3  
>>> directions. I
>>> learned this from Vafa.
>>> This happens in each of the three space directions, so that of the 9
>>> original hyperspace dimensions, according to Vafa, 3 expand while 6
>>> compactify. I suggest that the same process happens in particle-pair
>>> creation except that the pair is entangled by a thread of the
>>> compactified dimensions until it breaks up.
>> LM: Interestingly, while I have never heard of Vafa... Your so
>> called "compactification process" seems to almost exactly
>> correspond to the proces of fractal involution of the initial
>> cosmogenetic triune field -- as a one dimensional ray emanates from
>> one polar axis of zero dimensional spin.... first, to follow a 2
>> dimensional spiral vortex mobius Klien three cycle figure eight
>> (double loop withn a larger encircling loop) -- which, then, due to
>> spin on the other two spherical axes forms into a 3-dimensional
>> sphere sirrounding two inner spheres.   This, all occuring during
>> the initial stage of supersmmetry for the first three fractal
>> involutions.
>> In this scenario however, which is the root of my ABC model of
>> cosmogenesis, this first triple field (which, apparently is the
>> causal root of all BEC'c initially expands centrifufally while the
>> fractal involved inner fields continue to compactify in a 6^n
>> series, as they become smaller and smaller in diameter -- until the
>> quantum scale is reached at the third iteration, and symmetry breaks.
>> It woould e nice if you could geometically diagram your
>> compactificaion process (if it differes from the above explanation)
>> as simply as the  geometrically and energetically causal sequence
>> of the ABC model... Which can be easily simulated
>> multidimensionally as an animated computer image sequebce resulting
>> in a Kaluza-klein or Calabri-Yau manifold.   This is the only way
>> that the entire universe could be shown to be one thing in itself,
>> analogous to each quantum parrticle-wave form.;. It is especially
>> evident if the ovarall dimension of the initial ZPE field based on
>> the equations for these manifolds is equal to the Planck distance.
>> Ir also appears that your "threads" may correspond to the spiral
>> vortex polar wormholes linking such fields on the polar axes of the
>> "light" fields -- which appears to collect on the a
>> single axis of the overall coamic gravitational field.-- like a
>> string of bubbles within bubbles wihin Bubbles, etc. linked through
>> their zero-points of tangency
>>> I have extended this approach in a cosmology to 16 hyperspace
>>> dimensions by assuming that compactification occurs in sets of 6
>>> dimensions, one for supersymmetry, and to 32 hyperspace  
>>> dimensions by
>>> postulating the existence of two 4-D spacetimes based on the work of
>>> Itzhak Bars (Two-Time physics)
>> LM: Unless Bars' equations refer to the upper and lower frequuency
>> energy phase fields of my cosmogenesis diagram (See:
>> in which time runs at two separate rates -- I can't see how there
>> can be two 4-D spacetimes.  That is, if overall or total space
>> originated, as GR, coupled with ABC, postulates -- from a singular
>> source of spin momentum in a hyperspherical, 6^n series of fractal
>> involved hyperspace fields, etc.  If time is a measure of change
>> and is relative to the root frequency of each opposite hyperspace
>> field,  How can such causal change run perpendicular to the arrow
>> of time from past to present to future? or, is Bars just inventing
>> such a vector for the sake of symmetry in his field equations?
>>> This visual is likely quite oversimplified. But it is the only way I
>>> can think about entanglement; and I saw evidence in one of Hau's
>>> papers that seemed to support my vision. Guess I'll have to dig it
>>> out for your perusal. The papers of Wu&Hu are also pertinent. But
>>> they have much less credibility than Hau.
>> LM: I would be interested in seeing that reference.
>>> Yanni
>>> --- In, Edgar Owen
>>> <edgarowen@...> wrote:
>>>> Hi Yanni,
>>>> It is my understanding that all these effects are not actually
>>>> changes in the speed of light c in vacuum, but are all light /
>>> matter
>>>> interaction effects that have nothing to do with c. Are the
>>> effects
>>>> below entanglement effects or illusory effects such as the
>>>> interaction effects that can move down wave trains faster than
>>> light
>>>> but carry no information?
>>>> Edgar
>>>> On Oct 5, 2008, at 5:12 AM, yanniru@... wrote:
>>>>> Edgar, Here are links to the work in my old laboratory
>>> suggesting
>>>>> that information is instantly available to the entire BEC.
>>>>> Nature 445, 623-626 (8 February 2007) | doi:10.1038/nature05493;
>>>>> Received 23 October 2006; Accepted 24 November 2006
>>>>> Coherent control of optical information with matter wave dynamics
>>>>> Naomi S. Ginsberg1, Sean R. Garner1 & Lene Vestergaard Hau1
>>>>> Department of Physics, and Division of Enginee ring and Applied
>>>>> Sciences, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138, USA
>>>>> Correspondence to: Correspondence and requests for materials  
>>>>> should
>>>>> be addressed to L.V.H. (Email: hau@...).
>>>>> Top of page
>>>>> In recent years, significant progress has been achieved in
>>>>> manipulating matter with light, and light with matter1. Resonant
>>>>> laser fields interacting with cold, dense atom clouds provide a
>>>>> particularly rich system2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Such light fields interact
>>>>> strongly with the internal electrons of the atoms, and couple
>>>>> directly to external atomic motion through recoil momenta imparted
>>>>> when photons are absorbed and emitted. Ultraslow light propagation
>>>>> in Bose?Einstein condensates7represents an extreme example of
>>>>> resonant light manipulation using cold atom s. Here we demonstrate
>>>>> that a slow light pulse can be stopped and stored in one Bose?
>>>>> Einstein condensate and subsequently revived from a totally
>>>>> different condensate, 160 m away; information is transferred
>>>>> through conversion of the optical pulse into a travelling matter
>>>>> wave. In the presence of an optical coupling field, a probe laser
>>>>> pulse is first injected into one of the condensates where it is
>>>>> spatially compressed to a length much shorter than the coherent
>>>>> extent of the condensate. The coupling field is then turned off,
>>>>> leaving the atoms in the first condensate in quantum superposition
>>>>> states that comprise a stationary component and a recoiling
>>>>> component in a different internal state. The amplitude and phase
>>>>> of the spatially localized light pulse are imprinted on the
>>>>> recoiling
>>>>> part of the wavefunction, which moves towards the second
>>>>> condensate. When this 'messenger' atom pulse is embedded in the
>>>>> second condensate, the system is re-illuminated with the coupling
>>>>> laser. The probe light is driven back on and the messenger  
>>>>> pulse is
>>>>> coherently added to the matter field of the second condensate by
>>>>> way of slow-light-mediated atomic matter-wave amplification. The
>>>>> revived light pulse records the relative amplitude and phase
>>>>> between the recoiling atomic imprint and the revival condensate.
>>>>> Our results provide a dramatic demonstration of coherent optical
>>>>> informa tion processing with matter wave dynamics. Such quantum
>>>>> control may find application in quantum information processing and
>>>>> wavefunction sculpting.
>>>>> -----Original Message-----
>>>>> From: Edgar Owen <edgarowen@...>
>>>>> To:
>>>>> Sent: Sat, 4 Oct 2008 8:21 am
>>>>> Subject: Re: [SPACETIMEandCONSCIOUSNESS] Re: Soul
>>>>> Yanni,
>>>>> Please do with links if possible and see my post of today.
>>>>> Thanks,
>>>>> Edgar
>>>>> On Oct 3, 2008, at 10:31 PM, yanniru@... wrote:
>>>>>> Rybo,
>>>>>> I refer you to the experiments being done at Harvard
>>>>>> where lig ht is instantly propagated from one BEC gas
>>>>>> to another it is entangled with.
>>>>>> I'll elaborate if you are interested
>>>>>> Yanni
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>>>>>> From: rybo6 <rybo6@...>
>>>>>> To:
>>>>>> Sent: Fri, 3 Oct 2008 9:15 am
>>>>>> Subject: Re: [SPACETIMEandCONSCIOUSNESS] Re: Soul
>>>>>> Ok Yanni,
>>>>>>   "soul" is a micro "gas" mirror of the more metaphysical concept
>>>>>> of  "lifes a gas". :--)
>>>>>> I think it is incorrect to think of  Bose-Einstein Condensate as
>>>>>> *not* be being physical i.e.
>>>>>> "gas", liquids, matter, plasma are aspects of the finite physical
>>>>>> universe.
>>>>>> Gas, liquids, matter and plasma are limited to propagation speeds
>>>>>> ergo they are not only pure,  instantaneous, metaphysically
>>>>>> intellectual concepts of Universe.
>>>>>> Rybo
>>>>>> On Oct 2, 2008, at 6:37 AM, yanniru@... SPAN class=Apple-
>>>>>> converted-space> wrote:
>>>>>>> According to Iskakov Theory, a Quantum Information Theory (QIT),
>>>>>>> based on a Bose-Einstein Condensate (a galactic gas of
>>>>>>> microleptons),
>>>>>>> the soul of a live person is a complex information pattern in
>>>>>>> that BEC
>>>>>>> which mirrors the physical structure and processes of the human
>>>>>>> being.
>>>>>>> According to Eastern religious beliefs including Theosophy
>>>>>>> the information complex is centered
>>>>>>> on a 1- (2- or 3-) dimensional array
>>>>>>> of from 6 to 96 or more chakras
>>>>>>> According to Theosophy, much of the informational content of  
>>>>>>> soul
>>>>>>> of the living is removed after death.
>>>>>>> The remainder may be reborn or remain within the BEC of
>>>>>>> microleptons.
>>>>>>> The remainder or root is what most regard to be the soul.
>>>>>>> According to Theosophy its resulting shape is spherical
>>>>>>> with the finer microleptons in its center
>>>>>>> and the coarser on its surface,
>>>>>>> much like a single chakra.
>>>>>>> The coarse microleptons are apt to radiate away especially right
>>>>>>> after death.
>>>>>>> But the finer microleptons may stabilize, or even experience
>>>>>>> growth,
>>>>>>> If the information content of the root supports consciousness.
>>>>>>> Leon Maurer's concepts are not consistent
>>>>>>> with those teachings of Theosophy
>>>>>>> or Iskakov Theory
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>>>>>>> From: Leon Maurer <leonmaurer@...>
>>>>>>> Cc:; ; Theory
>>>>>>> <>; Quantum Cosmology
>>>>>>> <>; ; ;
>>>>>>> <>;
>>>>>>> compiler@...; ; Theory <>;
>>>>>>> bn-study <study@...>;; theos-
>>>>>>>; ; Mind <>
>>>>>>> Sent: Wed, 1 Oct 2008 7:46 pm
>>>>>>> Subject: [SPACETIMEandCONSCIOUSNESS] Re: Soul
>>>>>>> Soul, as a single unity, is the initial highest frequency phase
>>>>>>> order triune electrodynamic field(s) surrounding and permeating
>>>>>>> the entire universe (on the macrocosmic level) -- as well as,
>>>>>>> analogously, the human body (on the microcosmic level).  It's
>>>>>>> zero-point center of origin (located in the central "Naval"
>>>>>>> chakra) is the basis of human consciousness -- as well as the
>>>>>>> source of the chi energy of Chinese healing and martial  
>>>>>>> arts.  It
>>>>>>> is analogous to the initial spiritual field of cosmogenesis --
>>>>>>> that emanates and radiates out of a zero-point of Universal (as
>>>>>>> well as individual human) consciousness. See illustrations on
>>>>>>> "canonizer" web page** below, or:
>>>>>>> col_3.jpg
>>>>>>> These integral triune fields (like twin bubbles within a bubble)
>>>>>>> together, are the relatively eternal "monad" or the human  
>>>>>>> soul...
>>>>>>> With the twin inner fields representing the higher, spiritual
>>>>>>> aspect, and the lower, the mental aspect.  These initial triune
>>>>>>> fields, representing the higher ego or self consciousness on  
>>>>>>> both
>>>>>>> the cosmic and the human level, analogously involve fractally,
>>>>>>> down to the lowest order physical energy fields that constitute
>>>>>>> the fundamental particle/waves and their atomic, molecular and
>>>>>>> compound inorganic and or organic material forms that make up
>>>>>>> the cosmos (galaxies, stars, etc.), as well as the human bodies
>>>>>>> (cells, organs, etc.).
>>>>>>> For an outline (along with graphic illustrations) of how all  
>>>>>>> this
>>>>>>> occurs... Starting with cosmogenesis -- and analogously  
>>>>>>> reflected
>>>>>>> in our individualized anthropogenesis (on the 4th world physical
>>>>>>> plane)... See: **
>>>>>>> down page to bottom)
>>>>>>> The human soul, then, is an analog (or reflection) of the
>>>>>>> universal soul... And, since the fractal nature of all energy
>>>>>>> fields, originating at ubiquitous zero-points of absolute space,
>>>>>>> indicate that the entire universe is a hologram -- it's,
>>>>>>> therefore, possible for the human soul and its zero-point of i
>>>>>>> ndividual consciousness to merge with the universal soul.  This,
>>>>>>> apparently, can be done in deep meditation -- called  
>>>>>>> "Samadhi" or
>>>>>>> "Nirvana" by the Eastern philosopher/scientists/yogis... And,
>>>>>>> since the higher order spiritual/mental fields do not dissipate
>>>>>>> after death of the physical body, as well as (after a short  
>>>>>>> time,
>>>>>>> 49 days according to the Tibetan Buddhists) the lower order
>>>>>>> "astral" fields -- reincarnation is a logical possibility.  In
>>>>>>> addition, this fractal involved field structure of fundamental
>>>>>>> reality can explain all near death and out of body experiences,
>>>>>>> as well as all possible and/or reported psi phenomena.
>>>>>>> While this model of fundamental reality is consistent with all
>>>>>>> solid, non Euclidean, as well as Kaluza-Klein hyperspace  
>>>>>>> manifold
>>>>>>> geometries, and is based on the cyclic laws underlying and
>>>>>>> governing all the laws of nature inherent in fundamental zero-
>>>>>>> point spin (as the root of zero-point energy [ZPE] on the
>>>>>>> physical level, as well as all fundamental particle-waves) -- it
>>>>>>> does not contradict the theories of relativity, nor any of the
>>>>>>> proven (or yet unproved) dynamics of quantum and string  
>>>>>>> theories.
>>>>>>> All that these theories need in order to consolidate and  
>>>>>>> become a
>>>>>>> true "unified field theory of everything" -- is to recognize
>>>>>>> consciousness (awareness, will, qualia, etc.) as being a
>>>>>>> fundamental aspect (quality) of Absolute space located  
>>>>>>> everywhere
>>>>>>> in the=2 0Planck vacuum (or "aether," as described by  
>>>>>>> Einstein in
>>>>>>> his 1929 Leyden lecture).  In this view (based on Einstein's
>>>>>>> claim that "energy is space in motion") -- all fundamental
>>>>>>> particles are proposed to be spherical standing waves of total
>>>>>>> space (rooted in fundamental spin) surrounding a zero-point of
>>>>>>> pure consciousness.  Thus, even the photon must be conscious  
>>>>>>> on a
>>>>>>> fundamental root level -- although, without a phenomenally
>>>>>>> conscious "soul" (or self awareness).
>>>>>>> Leon Maurer
>>>>>>> On Mon Sep 29, 2008 3:04 pm ((PDT) "rybo6" rybo6@... os_jbug
>>>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>>> Meera, ok so soul is not a collection of things, so what exactly
>>>>>>> is it?
>>>>>>> Is soul consciousness or is soul just a name as it  "it is  
>>>>>>> the is
>>>>>>> the other name of consciounesss"? /div>
>>>>>>> So soul is consciousness with a differrent name?
>>>>>>> Rybo
>>>>>>> On Sep 29, 2008, at 8:10 AM, Meera wrote:
>>>>>>> Rybo,
>>>>>>> It is the body that is the conjunction/conglomeration of all the
>>>>>>> five elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. The soul  
>>>>>>> isnt
>>>>>>> the conglomeration of anything. In fact it is the other name of
>>>>>>> Consciousness in Indian context.
>>>>>>> meera
>>>>>>> 0A
>>>>>>> From:
>>>>>>> [] On Behalf Of rybo6
>>>>>>> Sent: Friday, August 29, 2008 6:34 PM
>>>>>>> To:
>>>>>>> Subject: Re: [WEDconsc] soul
>>>>>>> Meera, maybe Indians are refering to an alledged n toroidal
>>>>>>> electro-
>>>>>>> magnetic field that emanates from and returns to the body.  See
>>>>>>> heart math link.
>>>>>>> =view&id=28&Itemid=51&limit=1&limitstart=3
>>>>>>> We also have smells that emanate from the body, maybe that, in
>>>>>>> conjunction with EMR/F is Indian soul.
>>>>>>> We also have carbon dioxide and water and other molecules that
>>>>>>> emanate from the body, may it is the conjunction of all of those
>>>>>>> that is Indian soul.
>>>>>>> There was a move called Golden Compass where a persons soul
>>>>>>> was in
>>>>>>> another animal.
>>>>>>> If so, did that animal have a soul to begin with and if so,
>>>>>>> did it
>>>>>>> reside in the animal or was it in soul of another animal,
>>>>>>> including
>>>>>>> any human animal.
>>>>>>> Rybo
>>>>>>> .
>>>>>>> On Sep 29, 2008, at 7:29 AM, Meera wrote:
>>>>>>> As many of you will be knowing , Soul in Indian Philosophy is
>>>>>>> something distinct from the body.
>>>>>>> Meera
>> =

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