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TS - Member Disenfranchisement Plan - Access to Discussions

Oct 16, 2008 11:34 PM
by MKR

Of late, I have received requests from theosophists wanting to learn about
the happenings regarding the members' disenfranchisement plan in the TS
General Council. GC is composed of the General Secretaries of Sections and
few nominated members.

To effect the membership disenfranchisement, the International Rules have to
be changed and changes approved by the General Council. The proceedings of
the General Council is top secret. The disenfranchisement plan was presented
to the General Council in greatest secrecy and was expected to be rapidly
approved before members found out about it. Fortunately, it leaked out on
the Internet. A lot of discussions among TS members world-wide has taken
place on Internet.

It is in the best interests of each and every TS member to keep abreast of
the fast developing issue. The easiest way to navigate all the message
traffic on Internet and keep up with uptodate developments is to go to the
following website setup by a TS member to help other members:


Also, THEOS-TALK Internet maillist is where all the discussions are taking
place. You can read them at
**<>and search for
theos-talk. There you will also find how to sign up for the
list. If you wish, you sign up for the maillist and you will be copied on
all messages as they are posted by members.

Hope this helps all of us keep uptodate on the developments on the
disenfranchisement plan.

If anyone has any problems accessing the above, email me. Will try to help.


M K Ramadoss, TS Member, USA

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