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Anand on A.P. Sinnett and the Mahatma Letters

Oct 16, 2008 10:45 PM
by danielhcaldwell


You write:

For your information, A. P. Sinnett was also of the opinion that 
Blavatsky's own thoughts contaminated so called Mahatma Letters.

But I ask you:

How did Mr. Sinnett know this?

Think about this Anand:

Sinnett is saying that he somehow knew what the Mahatmas'
real thoughts or teachings were and because of that he could
judge that Blavatsky's own thoughts contaminated the letters.

Now how did he know the real teachings/thoughts of the Masters?

Mr. Sinnett did NOT have direct access to the Masters.

>From 1881 to 1885, he corresponded with the Masters via 

Later he tried to establish contact with the Masters by hypnotising
first Mrs. Laura Holloway and then Maude Travers.

You have never addressed in a straighforward manner the material I 
presented in the following three RELATED postings:

"A. P. Sinnett's 'Later' View on the Mahatma Letters."

"To Anand Gholap: Mr. Sinnett & his Communications with KH Part 1 ..."

"Anand, How do you know what the real teachings are?"

Instead you give brief vague statements.....

Why is that?

You can write such things as follows:

I know some of the facts are very unpleasant. And if I tell those or
suggest that possibility, many followers filled with devotion towards
their leaders will be offended. However, I think, it is better to face
the unpleasant truth instead of believing pleasant lies.
I find that in this group some people are really interested in knowing
the truth, however unpleasant it may be. They asked me questions many
times and so I thought I will tell my understanding of the subject.
Philosophy can be harsh. It ruthlessly pursues truth. And any true
intellectual has to be ready to face the truth even if it is harsh and

Yet as far as I can tell, you refuse --- for whatever reasons --- to
deal with these subjects other than in vague terms.

Are you ready to "face the truth"??


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