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TS - Secrecy & NonTransparency of GC -- Need for change

Oct 16, 2008 07:07 PM
by MKR

Much of the present problems in the GC, while caused by the Karma of the
members - how else can we explain all this - could have been avoided if
there is transparency of the activities of the GC.

As a start, the agenda and details of the proposals in all stages should be
made public. Details of items that deal with contract, legal/litigation or
employee evaluation can be part of the executive session. When matters of
importance are discussed in open forum and members can know who presented
what and who were for and who were against will have a salutory effect
because it is then the GC member will have stand up openly and be counted.
This may hurt their images when they take stands injurious to the members
and beneficial to themselves and this fear of having to stand up openly will
make them think what the members repercussion would be on unwise stands. It
will also give members a clearer picture of the manipulation going on. It is
also one of the reasons why all democratic debates and voting are done not
behind closed doors, but in open sessions. I am yet to see a single GC
member coming out and call for transparency of the proceedings of GC. Why?
It looks like GC members due to the non-transparency allow them to play all
political games behind the scenes while presenting a pious, public face to
its members hiding all their behind the scenes activities and the voting on
the issues that comes before the GC. Continued secrecy also allows the GC to
possibly mislead the members of their behind the scenes activities.

Unless one or more GC members penly supports this fundamental change, and
works for it openly with passion and vigor, you will see more problems for
the governance of TS as time goes on. Secrecy does not help members. I
challenge anyone who can convince us otherwise.


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