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Re: So Anand, what about Master Koot Hoomi??

Oct 16, 2008 01:03 PM
by danielhcaldwell


I appreciate your reply to my posting.  Below I will try
to respond to some of your comments:

You write:

You asked about Master Koot Hoomi's ethics.
I think Masters gave certain ideas to Blavatsky telepathically. But
they were not always understood by Blavatsky accurately because of her
own inner problems. As I said earlier, she sometimes partially
misunderstood or fully misunderstood Masters' ideas. Then Blavatsky
put in words what SHE understood as Masters' thoughts and materialized
them as letters from the Masters. It appears that Masters allowed
inaccurate production of letters.

It appears Anand that you assume that there was an "INACCURATE 
production of letters."

But why do you assume that the production was INACCURATE??

Maybe the production of the letters was in fact ACCURATE. 

It would be helpful both to my understanding and maybe to the
understanding of other interested readers if you could tell us
what makes you think the production was INaccurate.

Can you give some concrete examples?

Then you make the further conclusion that the Masters ALLOWED
such inaccurate production.

Have you considered that maybe the Masters never allowed such
an inaccurate production simply because the letters were not
inaccurate to begin with?

Again you write:

...she [HPB] sometimes partially misunderstood or fully misunderstood 
Masters' ideas....

But how do you know this?

How did you determine that she in fact "partially misunderstood or 
fully misunderstood Masters' ideas"?

How would you know that she had indeed misunderstood their ideas? 

Do you have a better understanding of the Masters' ideas so that you 
are in a better position to say:  Blavatsky misunderstood this idea 
or that idea because.....     ?? 

Again what evidence has led you to this conclusion of yours that she 
misunderstood the Masters' ideas?

She in fact may have understood the Masters' ideas since she was 
trained by them over a period of years and was in frequent contact 
with them during the course of her Theosophical work.

And there is evidence to indicate that the Masters interacted with 
her sometimes on a daily basis.  Why wouldn't they be giving her
corrections?  Why wouldn't they be "updating" her?

I will close for now.

Hoping that you will flesh out your general statements with some 
specific details and examples.

I would like to understand your reasoning and how you came to your 


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