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Re: Theos-World Betty Bland Responds to Bylaws Controversy

Oct 16, 2008 09:45 AM
by MKR

thanks for the info.

while I know you are enthusiastic and trying to do a good and honest job, i
do not envy your job.

they say he who pays the piper calls the tune, hence you will have watch
what you do and what you say. you have to watch yourself. all
organizations have unwritten and unspoked codes, even inadvertant violation
will result in your getting fired. talk to your friends who have been around
and ask them about it. in a local university, my friend here was asked to
give his honest assessment of his supervisor as part of his annual review.
next thing that happened was he got fired. that is the real world and TS is
no exception.

years ago, during previous administration, a moderated list was setup and it
died a quick and natural death due to lack of traffic. most of us do not
like forums controlled directly or indirectly by organizations.


On 10/14/08, dnoga322 <> wrote:
> Betty Bland has personally responded to the controversy surrounding
> the proposed bylaws changes. She has made her response on The
> Theosophical Community, which is a social network set up by the
> Theosophical Society in America. It is posted in an open forum, and
> open discussion is invited.
> I personally administer the network, and I assure you that responses
> will not be censored or deleted, unless they are hostile or
> needlessly destructive/disruptive.
> Here is a link to the discussion:
> Also, another thread has been started, listing the bylaws changes and
> opening the floor once again for discussion:
> I urge one and all who are concerned about these issues to bring their
> issues up on these threads, where they will be given greater official
> attention.

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