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Re: Theos-World Re: Young X Aged members

Oct 16, 2008 08:35 AM
by MKR

I think a lot has to do with the environment you grew up in. When we were
young 9-10 yrs, the whole family used to go to the lodge meetings and no one
cared what one read or did not read. But what was impressed was the
sacredness and comeraderie. This flowed to the home and each felt young and
old important and equal were given full freedom. Even my young kids were
growing they felt equal to everyone. One day when my kid was asked to go to
sleep early, he was aksing why when everyone else is awake. Condescending
and attitude of superiority in learning and experience is what turns off
young members in any organization and TS is no exception.

Given the right atmosphere, young can pickup practical theosophy much better
than an older person.


PS: when I was a member of a lodge, I was the youngest in 20s,  every one
else was retired or about to be retired. learnt how to work with older

On 10/16/08, Erica Letzerich <> wrote:
>   Oh well while reading some chats about young and more aged members and
> how young members can express their ideas, which most of the times are not
> considered by the aged ones. I was just remembering when first I joined the
> T.S. many would tell to me... "you should listen to what I say for I could
> be your grandfather." Still being young at the time and the President of my
> Lodge being maybe 70 years old, I became the vice-president of my lodge. So
> I believe its possible to work harmonically even when such difference of age
> is present.
> Now that I am f 39 :(... here in Greece I hear uncountable times: "You
> should listen what I say, I could be your father...others I could be your
> mother. This is actually psychological pressure, for indeed when I hear
> that, I just keep quite and listen.... But they do it not with intention to
> control.... but because they really believe they are right and must be
> listened. After some years digesting it, I've prepare a reply to that and
> soon I plan to use it when I hear the same thing...
> So here a piece of advice. When I joined the T.S. my concern was to learn,
> to study to cooperate. That is this spirit that anyone in any age should
> hold. Its nothing wrong with being the younger member of your lodge, I have
> been there, in fact in the lodge I am President, there is only one member
> who is younger than me. So just keep on the good work, and if you want to
> bring members of your age, you are the best one to do that. Do not expect
> from the leaders of your sections or lodges to solve all the problems and
> find solutions for everything. Because if they are not doing so means that
> they cannot do so. So maybe its not time to be nagging, but to offer the
> best you can. BTW who cares if you are 20 or 90, one is measured not by his
> age but the good he/she can offer to the cause.
> Erica
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