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TS - Serious Membership Problem in the USA

Oct 16, 2008 07:08 AM
by MKR

I compared the 1973 voting numbers with 2008 numbers. They are:


INDIA  5144  4068  0.79

USA   4226  1966  0.465


INDIA   9061    6861   0.757

USA    2757    1234    0.447


The rate of voting in India has gone down by 3.3%, whereas in the USA it is
down 1.8%. What is more striking is the eligible voters in India has nearly
doubled, in the USA it has gond DOWN from 4226 to 2757, a 35% drop. Two of
the recent administrations in the USA were headed by Algeo and Bland.

With all the tall talk about all the other things, one issue on which there
is total silence is an answer for the above trend. It would be interesting
to find out what is happening in other countries. With all the talk about
governance, not a single time they talk about what happened to the numbers
during their regimes and what needs to be done, or even can anything be done
at all.

Talking about the governance at Adyar and rules will do nothing to fix the
most serious fundamental problem facing the TS -- membership and retention
in the USA.

One has to conclude that the rules issue seems to be driven by some other
stated and unstated plans hatched (and who knows what is in the works now)
and driven by some members of GC. The issue is all the more serious because
of the secrecy that surrounded move and speed with which it was planned to
be achieved, and also the overall distrustful atmosphere created because of
events that took place starting with the nomination and election and
subsequent whining that is going on.

Numbers stare at you and even a child can understand them.


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