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TS - The Big Elephant in the Room

Oct 16, 2008 05:11 AM
by MKR

Finally the Big Elephant in the Room is getting noticed somewhat belatedly.
We all knew that everyone with interest in TS and theosophy has been reading
the messages for years surreptitiously or overtly and some of the
bureaucrats pretended that the Elephant is not there even though used its
strength and agility to get some tough jobs done. In a recent comment I
read, the whining about how the participants find the enormous time and
energy to be active on Internet. It is very very simple. These are ordinary
simple folks who are fired up by the cause of theosophy and it is not their
9-5 clock-in clock-out job, and they work 7/24 and no one tells them what
they should or should not do. Good work always gets done when someone is not
on any one's payroll. You put them on payroll (love, money or intangible
favors) when you want to control their behaviour.

Finally we have this open forum where we can express our opinions without
fear or favor. Thanks, Eldon, I do not know what would be the situation
today without this list.

Let us all use the Big Elephant in tasks it does best.


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