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Anand, Leadbeater & Wachtmeister on Blavatsky & the Masters

Oct 14, 2008 07:31 PM
by danielhcaldwell

Notice how Anand writes about Blavatsky:

I think, what happened in case of Blavatsky is she IMPERFECTLY
received Masters thought. Then she put those thoughts in her own
words, materialized those words on paper using occult powers, and sent
them out as letters from Masters.
Blavatsky many times could NOT understand Master's thought, sometimes
Caps added.

Now compare the above with what follows.

Even in C.W. Leadbeater's own writings, Mr. Leadbeater acknowledges 

I quote just one excerpt from Mr. Leadbeater's pen:

It was with difficulty that I induced her to read the letter, as she
[H.P. Blavatsky] said very decidedly that such communications were
intended only for the recipient. I was obliged to insist, however,
and at last she read it and asked me what I wished to say in reply. I
answered... and asked her how this information could be conveyed to
the Master [Koot Hoomi]. She replied that He knew it already, 
STOOD WITH HIM, so that whatever was within her consciousness was 
also within His when He wished it.
caps added.

Or the testimony of Countess Wachtmeister:

It was while I was engaged in putting my affairs in order, in view of 
my long absence, that an incident occurred, not indeed singular in my 
experience, but out of the normal. I was arranging and laying aside 
the articles I intended to take with me to Italy when I heard a voice 
saying, "Take that book, it will be useful to you on your journey." I 
may as well say at once that I have the faculties of clairvoyance and 
clairaudience rather strongly developed. I turned my eyes on a 
manuscript volume I had placed among the heap of things to be locked 
away until my return. Certainly it seemed a singular inappropriate 
vade mecum for a holiday, being a collection of notes on the Tarot 
and passages in the Kabbalah that had been compiled for me by a 
friend. However, I decided to take it with me, and laid the book in 
the bottom of one of my traveling trunks.

At last the day came for me to leave Sweden, in October 1885, and I 
arrived at Elberfeld, where I met with a cordial and affectionate 
greeting from Madame Gebhard.

Finally Countess Wachtmeister leaves Elberfeld and goes to stay with 
Madame Blavatsky in Wurzburg.  Upon her arrival at HPB's residence, 
she relates that the following then happened:

I remember very well that it was then, on going into the dining room 
together to take some tea, that she [Madame Blavatsky] said to me 
abruptly, as of something that had been dwelling on her mind.

"Master says you have a book for me of which I am much in need."

"No, indeed," I replied, "I have no books with me."

"Think again," she said, "Master says you were told in Sweden to 
bring a book on the Tarot and the Kabbalah."

Then I recollected the circumstances that I have related before. From 
the time I had placed the volume in the bottom of my box it had been 
out of my sight and out of my mind. Now, when I hurried to the 
bedroom, unlocked the trunk, and dived to the bottom, I found it in 
the same corner I had left it when packing in Sweden, undisturbed 
from that moment to this. But this was not all. When I returned to 
the dining room with it in my hand, Madame Blavatsky made a gesture 
and cried, "Stay, do not open it yet. Now turn to page ten and on the 
sixth line you will find the words . . . ." And she quoted a passage.

I opened the book which, let it be remembered, was no printed volume 
of which there might be a copy in HPB's possession, but a manuscript 
album in which had been written notes and excerpts by a friend of 
mine for my own use; yet, on the page and at the line she had 
indicated, I found the very words she had uttered.

When I handed her the book I ventured to ask her why she wanted it.

"Oh," she replied, "for The Secret Doctrine. That is my new work that 
I am so busily engaged in writing. MASTER IS COLLECTING MATERIAL FOR 
ME.  HE KNEW YOU HAD THE BOOK and told you to bring it that it might 
be at hand for reference."
caps added.

This shows that the Master was actively working with HPB on THE 
SECRET DOCTRINE.  And that he could know not only what HPB was doing 
and thinking but that he could even know that the Countess had a 
certain book in Sweden!!!! 

I could quote dozens of other primary sources giving more on this 

Some of that material is included in my book THE ESOTERIC WORLD OF 
MADAME BLAVATSKY and also in Geoffrey Barborka's H.P. BLAVATSKY, 

So not only the Master Morya but also the Master Koot Hoomi would be 
quite aware of what HPB knew about their thoughts and their teachings 
since they had trained her and also worked closely with her over a 
period of many years.


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