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Oct 14, 2008 03:01 PM
by stillpoint0

Glad to know this article by Cyndi Dale was appreciated.  As she 
noted, the implications are staqggering.  Ed

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> ILLUMINATING THE AFTERLIFE "Zero-point Light": The White Light of 
> Death
> Most individuals who have a near-death experience see a great white 
> light at death. Many describe this light as consciousness emanating 
> unconditional love. There actually is such a light and it is "on 
> earth as it is in heaven," related to a phenomenon called "zero 
> point." 
> Studies are revealing that there is a "zero-point energy field" 
> resides in stillness and yet maintains continual motion. Scientists 
> have long looked for explanations of what we would call the 
> miraculous, and zero-point energy seems to be it. 
> The phenomenon begins with chilling something to absolute zero, 
> almost three hundred degrees below zero centigrade. Atomic motion 
> stops?but energy continues. An experiment done by researchers 
> including Lene Vestergaard Hau demonstrated that light was frozen 
> a standstill at "zero" velocity or speed, which means that light 
> vanished. Its imprint, however, did not! The "disappeared" light 
> regenerated when stimulated by yet another light.  
> Only quantum theory can explain why the background radiation 
> continued to emanate?why something can move even when completely 
> still. The particles might not be moving directionally, but they 
> could flash in and out of existence. The implications of this 
> are staggering. 
> For example, skeptics ask why only some people remember past lives. 
> According to researcher Walter Schempp, memory is not stored in the 
> brain, but rather in what I call the "genesis field." This field is 
> composed of zero-point light. 3Memories of the past, parallel 
> existences, ancestral events, or even the future flash in and out 
> existence?or in this case, awareness?based on our relationship with 
> the field. If our light is "on," we will remember. When the 
> soul sees the light, memories flood in. The light from the Source 
> frees the soul from its frozen state. 
> The fact that we are made of light?that the body itself is a 
> biophoton organism, has been well established by several 
> including Fritz-Albert Popp. One of Popp's findings was that DNA 
> itself is a storehouse of light, or biophoton emissions. 
> The more photons that are emitted from an organism's DNA, the 
> it stands on the evolutionary scale. The zero-point or genesis 
> plays a central role in originating and responding to this internal 
> light. If a body of photons internalizes too much or too little 
> from the field, disease results. Popp concluded that organisms are 
> healthiest if they rely on a minimum of "free energy." This means 
> that they each approach their own zero state, or 
> nothingness.4Essentially, we can, and need to, generate our own 
> light. 
> This explains how a soul can be integrated into the body one moment?
> and then be gone in the next moment. It is not destroyed; it merely 
> blinks into another pocket of the universe. This shows how our 
> spirits, with their infinite wisdom, can surround our bodies and 
> sometimes knowledge is available?and then suddenly, is not 
> This also reveals the true nature of the White Light: a 
> that operates at zero point produces a zero-point field, and always 
> holds us, even when we do not recognize it. ILLUMINATING THE 
> AFTERLIFE "Zero-point Light": "The fact that we are made of light?
> that the body itself is a biophoton organism, has been well 
> established by several researchers, including Fritz-Albert Popp. 
> of Popp's findings was that DNA itself is a storehouse of light, or 
> biophoton emissions."
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> Page 2 
> This is the story of the spirit. When you enter the physical realm, 
> your spirit "freezes," at least relative to your everyday 
> consciousness. You cannot see, hear, or touch it, because you are 
> identifying chiefly with the "imprint" that it leaves: your body, 
> which is encoded by your soul and mind. At death, a light?the White 
> Light?re-stimulates your spirit. The body disappears, not because 
> does not exist anymore but because the more ethereal parts of you, 
> such as your soul, reabsorb the body's essential qualities or 
> energetic charges. The shift from body to soul is accomplished 
> we are dying and just after the body dies. The transformation from 
> soul to spirit usually happens after death through the Planes of 
> Light, which expose us to higher and higher frequencies of light. 
> there is yet another energy body that interconnects the physical 
> bodywith the soul body. The Ancient Egyptians called it the Ka. The 
> Ka is the "light body," and it is fed by light. Most often, the 
> body is not provided the light it needs to generate until we are 
> dying, at which time the ill are often described as "glowing." You 
> can, however, activate the light body, as well as your physical 
> through the chakras while you are alive. It is simply a matter of 
> knowing how. The most vital entryways for light in the body are the 
> chakras and the auric fields. These energy centers not only convert 
> low- to high-spectrum light and back again, but also fast- to slow-
> moving energy and vice versa.

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