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Re: "...we have to preach and popularise a knowledge of theos...

Oct 14, 2008 02:27 PM
by Brian Scanlon

I think there is a big differance between TRUE Altruism and morals( as expressed by the Budhi/Higher manas combo), and forced Western/Christian sythetic "Ego boosting" morality (posturing). One is truth, the other illusion.

The point, is once one overcomes, duality, even partialy (meaning in a none stablized form, as your "In and out" of the proper state, not constantly able to "Hold it", but you still have experianced it and can access it frequently), certain things, simply...manefest from us, which are from the Higher nature, which is less...material and corrupted by Matter. True Altrusim is one of them and the Core that all others spring from. 

No one can truly understand this, unless they experiance it for themselves, hence its Esoteric! (just like ALL aspects of the Esoteric teachings and process.) Other than real time experiance, one simply ends up with, another form of "Speculation" on their part or something that would require Faith, both within the domain of Exoteric Dogma. 

If you still have to "Try", and "love" (not the sentamental variety) everyone, or TRy and be nice, your not within Truth. Most people, in almost everything they do, have personal gain at their core. "I know God will give me bonus value karma points, if I help this old lady across the street" as an example.

I see the  "Behaviors' as expressions of the Lower Vahans which are in control, of most people (The behaviors either positive or negative, to me, are only the Blossoms though which are from only One Root cause - IE the Lower Nature). The refinment of "behavior" to me, isnt the goal of enlightenment persay, but a side effect, that simply happens as ALL levels of "Man" are gradualy refined, as the Piece of Coal into the Diamond. 

Only a fool chases the blossomes, when trying to find a cure for the sick, either in an internal or external sickness. They become dazzled by all the variety of things occuring to them, and cant see to the root of the issue. TCM has alot to teach Western Doctores, for this very reason. It is IMPOSSIBLE, to take each "Behavior"/Blossom, and magicaly - "Do away with it". You have to work from the root of whats causing the issue IE The lower Nature.

To me, the Thesophical society,(in the condition it was originaly in, before BeasantBeater got their hands on it), was meant to be the Exoteric Moral system shell for the inner Esoteric Truths (though the Moral system was only part of the True Pre- Vedic Exoteric Shell, as the full Exoteric System contained and taught Exoteric versions of the 7 Sciences, and were/are the seeds for Civilization).
TS to me is (WAS) the modern "Repackaging" of the Moral teaching.  The ancestors, provably, used the Esoteric teachings to create a structure for living "correctly" (by correct I mean, in Harmony with the " Tao") for those not called to the Esoteric World. And only one in a realised state, could create something, that lacks normal human corruption.

SDII:567 "the adaption of the FIRE of Wisdom to Exoteric Ritualism for the Profane" 

     Yours in Truth





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