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Re: Theos-World Re: "...we have to preach and popularise a knowledge of theos...

Oct 14, 2008 01:55 PM
by Leon Maurer

On Oct 13, 2008, at 10/13/085:50 PM, wrote:

The problem is that things like loyalty, honor, courage and altruism are basic Victorian values that educated people now, even hearing the words, will fall down laughing. They are precisely the things that stand in the way because they represent ways of dealing with people in a different era. What we are dealing is not a social system but a means of getting to the root of the
nature of cosmos itself.

Chuck the Heretic

Maybe if we knew the real nature of the Cosmos, we would understand why such moral values are so important... Since a lack of them by those who would "fall down laughing" is probably what has led to all the current problems the world is facing.

Or, are you saying that you just don't give a damn about dealing with people as you would want them to deal with you? Or, perhaps -- judging by your essay on what's wrong with the study of theosophy from both a moral point of view as well as from the scientific one -- you believe in throwing the baby out with the bath-water? If so, then your "heresy" seems to be just another form of selfish, antisocial psycho-pathology.

However, I agree that all this endless talk about the TS organization, or arguments about differences between Blavatsky's theosophy and the later pseudo theosophists who turned it into a religion -- is an utter waste of time and energy.

So, since modern science is getting closer and closer to really understanding the nature of the "Cosmos" (to be pretty much the way it was outlined in the SD)... Maybe we should get back to studying how we can realize our own conscious connection with it... And understand that we are all interconnected by a common bond that requires moral and ethical responsibility in each of us for the benefit of all of us.


In a message dated 10/13/2008 10:52:01 A.M. Central Daylight Time, writes:

I see. Well, maybe we could consider making a distinction between the
message and the messenger. Theosophy may have emerged in this cycle
in  trappings of Victorianism (or the American version thereof) but in
previous cycles it had other raiment. However, the outside
appearance  is not very important compared to the inner essence. It is
easy for us to  become entangled in the trailing clouds of whatever
era we are  considering, but when we blow aside some of the mist, we
might find some  useful concepts, whether we call it Theosophy,
Buddhiam, Christianity,  Hinduism, or whatever. Things like loyalty,
honor, courage, altruism.  These essentials are what connect us, not
the illusionary differences.


On 13 Oct 2008 at 1:25, _Drpsionic@aol.Drp_ (

I am being deadly serious.

 Theosophy was created in the late 19th century and as such
 internalized the
culture of that time. But the culture has changed radically. Consider
when the SD was written, there was  no Uncertainty Principal, no
mechanics, no general  relativity. They never heard of the human
genome. And the
 culture was radically different, in ways that if one of the founders
in our time they would not recognize it and they would be  shocked

The values that  society holds dear are vastly different. We little
use for
 the ideals of the Victorians and laugh at their concepts of purity
 and honor.
The Master KH could call one of his colleagues, "the  sternest of the
Khobilligans, Khobilligans,<WBR>" and not be greeted with laughter
was when
someone read it in the Olcott  library nearly 20 years ago. Stern is
not a virtue
to us, it  is an invitation to get a pie in the face.

Yet our brethren  hold onto antiquated notions of society, quote
that no one can make sense of any more and think that psuedo- sanskrit
impress people. And we do not have to concern ourselves with the
censorious buffoon who somehow thinks that his  objections matter.

We need to get rid of the kindling, the  deadwood, the things that
just have
not worked. The proper way to look at the old material is not to just
it and expect everyone to assent. It is to look at it and ask, is this
really  true, or what was the Master drinking when he came up with
that  one?

And thus the truth of the matter is that I really do not care what the
Masters said, or what the SD says in and of itself.  Those are just
words and we
have gazillions of words to choose from. We need to question question
question and not stop  questioning because some moron is impressed
with an imbecile
like Milarepa or thinks that every word from the Mahatmas is a golden
from the nose of God.

And we need most of  all to get past this notion that the internal
of the  TS somehow matters. who cares who is in charge of mowing the
lawn  at

Can I go too far? Not in this  lifetime.

Chuck, who is very much the Heretic

In a message dated 10/12/2008 7:44:46 P.M. Central Daylight  Time,
_adelasie@sbcglobal.ade_ (   writes:

ROFL...or... ROFL...or R<WBR>could it  be u r bein

On 12 Oct 2008 at 11:47, __Drpsionic@aol._Dr_ (mailto:_Drpsionic@aol.Drp) _
 (mailto:_Drpsionic@aol.Drp_ ( )

Actually I love it when people get steamed at my ideas. It is sort of
like they suddenly get "kick me" signs taped to their backs.

The problem with some folks is that they think that being a
 Theosophist is
like being some damned fool Baptist, and everyone  sits around
agreeing with
everything. No no no. You have to question everything, including your
fundamental  premises. The Masters are not to be worshipped, their
words are not holy writ. The mere fact that the Chohan said something
does not make  it true. It only means that he was  in a rotten mood
when he wrote it.

There are times that if I had my way I would burn all those musty old books
because there are times when it seems that would be the  only way to
get light out of them.

In any event, I will continue to follow my old philosophy  of
rhetoric, which
says that if someone says you  have gone too far, you have not yet
gone far enough.

Chuck the Heretic

In a message dated 10/12/2008 9:33:04 A.M. Central Daylight  Time,
__mkr777@gmail._mk_ (mailto:_mkr777@gmail.mkr) _  writes:

Welcome to the group. I am not the moderator either.

This group has been around for more than a decade and it  takes time
for newbees to settle down here. From time to time you will find gems here that you cannot find anywhere else. Patience will pay heavy rewards
in the long  run.


On 10/12/08, alex <_alexmorgan777@_alexmorgan7  wrote:

Is this funny for  everyone here?
I'm not sure why the moderator is passively  ok with this and even
allows you to showoff your website. Is he still alive? I don't know
about others but I'm  starting to get tired of deleting your
 messages from my inbox.
This crap is not Theosophy, this is just  bored goofing around that
spoils things for others, and makes the new comer puke on the whole
group and  leave.
The Unity of Mind is lacking in here already, I don't think we need
to see this nonsense anymore.

Chuck, why don't you try to be like Milarepa and turn things around, become the first Enlightened man in modern times to abandon the path
of sorcery  and black magic?
Think about it Chuck, you will increase the  membership, peoples
participation and get all our votes if  you choose to run and
promulgate the DOCTRINE of the  Buddhas!
What do you think? :)


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Ok, the very first thing we have to do is get rid of those obsolete ideas of purity, self-denial, charity, etc and concentrate on finding
what really is going on.

Chuck the heretic

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