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Re: Betty Bland and Bylaws Controversy

Oct 14, 2008 10:49 AM
by Anand

Yes, this is a good way for members to ask questions to Betty Bland on
the controversial proposal of disenfranchisement.
Those interested in election issue may join and put their points.
Do read my reply there.
Anand Gholap

--- In, "dnoga322" <dnoga@...> wrote:
> Betty Bland has personally responded to the controversy surrounding
> the proposed bylaws changes. She has made her response on The
> Theosophical Community, which is a social network set up by the
> Theosophical Society in America. It is posted in an open forum, and
> open discussion is invited.
> I personally administer the network, and I assure you that responses
> will not be censored or deleted, unless they are hostile or 
> needlessly destructive/disruptive.
> Here is a link to the discussion:
> Also, another thread has been started, listing the bylaws changes and
> opening the floor once again for discussion:
> I urge one and all who are concerned about these issues to bring their
> issues up on these threads, where they will be given greater official
> attention.

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