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Re: How to take over The Theosophical Society

Oct 14, 2008 10:46 AM
by alex

Don't they ask people to step down and leave the TS anymore?
If this is all true then they should have a this talk.

--- In, "Pedro Oliveira" <prmoliveira@...> 
> How to take over The Theosophical Society in twelve swift steps
> 1. When invited by the President to be Vice-President, accept. When
> she nominates you again twice, accept. Be sure to keep a distance,
> physical and psychological, from the International Headquarters, for
> example, by calling it "a symbolic headquarters" in one of your
> Convention lectures.
> 2. When the President experience a recoverable health problem, 
> the head of a leading antipodal Section and invite her to be your 
> When she says that such matter should be referred to the President
> agree with her position, albeit reluctantly. When the President says
> she can still conduct her duties and is going on a European tour,
> express outrage and abandon her to her luck.
> 3. In the following months, contact key workers at Adyar about The
> Plan. Be sure not to contact Indian members because of their silly 
> traditional devotion and loyalty to the elected President of the
> Theosophical Society. Ideally, contact workers from a Latin American
> background because of their emotional volatility and their
> impressionability to "The Big Chief" archetype.
> 4. The foundation of The Plan is to convince as many members as
> possible that the President is unwell, has erratic behaviour,
> inconsistent memory, cannot articulate coherent words anymore and 
> a damaged brain. 
> 5. Get the selected key workers at Adyar to write letters to General
> Council members, even before they receive the official papers from 
> Secretary, saying that you don't really want to be President but 
> the circumstances? Be sure that at least one of the key workers is
> from the Secretary's Office where all the membership records are 
> 6. When one of their letters, declaring that you have agreed to 
> nomination, is tabled at the Council meeting remain silent.
> 7. When the voting results are declared, blame the Indian Section.
> 8. Start a series of messages attacking the structure of the 
> the Executive Committee, the President and the Indian Section.
> 9. Invite General Council members to join your self-created caucus
> (The Plan B) and ask their permission to circularize their messages.
> 10. When very few messages arrive form the Ahamkara Quartet and send
> out a proposal to substantially curtail the President's 
> prerogatives and to eliminate the direct vote by members world wide 
> the election of the President.
> 11. Hold fast thy senses, thy mind, thy heart and thy consciousness
> against the great heresy of Brotherhood and Oneness. Dwell on I-
> 12. If anything goes wrong, call Chuck.   
> Pedro

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