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Re: Theos-World Re: Blavatsky was ordered to mislead people

Oct 14, 2008 10:29 AM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

Dear friends

I will try again. My emails seem to be meet with inteference, which make them lumb all the text together to one single whole.

Do you really think, that a Master would not deceive you from time to time?

They do, because they have to, so to promote the theosophical teachings, the wisodm teachings of all ages. 

If a Master had to be completely honest he would probably be put away in to jail or a mental institution. Simply, because Too much love would scare people.

- - - - - - -

To illustrate this better, I have taken the following from Cyril Scoot's book "The Initiate in the New World - Chapter X named "THEOSOPHISTS".

The words are those of the wellknown character in the books - namely the high Initiate named
Jerome Moreward Haig or simply JMH or MH. I am concerned with the content of the below, not so much who the persons themselves acutally were.

"To - night I am going to speak of practically the greatest obstacle to occult Wisdom"- he used the term Yog Vidya- 
"spiritual attainment and mystical progress. Thatobstacle is Conventionality in whatever form it may take, be it in relation to morals orreligion. The New Testament writers portrayed the Pharisees as its most typicaladherents, and Jesus is reported to have said that the harlots were nearer the kingdomof Heaven than these Pharisees- which, allowing for Oriental hyperbole, is inaccordance with fact. If we look at the mental bodies of very conventional people wefind their outlines hard and rigid, and the bodies themselves small and as it were under- nourished. 

When we try to impress those bodies with our teaching our thoughtscannot penetrate the barrier of that hard surface; and sometimes the only way we canendeavour to break down that barring surface is by music of a modern and ratherdiscordant nature. That is where some modern composers are doing good work.

"From what seeds does this weed of conventionality grow? From mental laziness,fear- of what others will think; vanity- or the capacity to be hurt by what they will say;and superstition- or the false notion that what the majority think must be right.Conventionality in its relation to religion need not detain us; what I would discuss thisevening is its relation to morals. As you know, conventional morality exists and is to agreater or lesser degree practiced by the masses; but for the student who is on or aboutto tread the Path something much more elastic and elevated is required. Thatsomething we may christen with the name of Super - morality. Whereas the latter isfounded on unselfishness and obtains its criterion from unselfishness, the former alltoo often, though purporting to be based on unselfishness, is the result of and theexcuse for selfishness instead. Thus there are many reasons why people choose to bemoral- but there can be only one reason why people choose to be supermoral. 

A man may be moral because, as I implied, he fears the aspersions cast upon him by hisneighbours- that man is governed by vanity combined with cowardice. Another manmay be moral because it suits his convenience- that is to say because he getssomething to his advantage from so - being. But a man cannot be supermoral for anysuch reasons; on the contrary, what he will reap as far as the world is concerned islikely to be nothing but kicks and calumny. And this because to the individual in thestreet the supermoralist will often appear as an immoralist; for to the undiscriminatingextremes look alike, just as the most dazzling light may be as blinding as the desestdarkness."Here the Master got up from his chair, stepped for a while as he talked.

"What, then, is the distinguishing feature between morality and supermorality? It isselflessness of motive. The former comes from the brain, the latter from the heart; theformer is dependent on rules and conventions, the latter is entirely dependent on thedemands of circumstances. Take such a simple example as deception. Are any of youso innocent as to suppose that even I, whom you are pleased to call your Master, would

not and do not deceive you when I think it is for your own good? Yet there are thosewho would hold up their hands in horror at such an idea. 'A Master deceive or tell a lie- unthinkable, impossible!' They little realize that in one sense a Master needs to actwhichis but a form of deceiving- the greater part of every day. Imagine an Initiate whohas acquired that unconditional ever - permanent Love - Consciousness (which, as you know, is a concomitant of Adeptship) behaving in a manner consistent with that innerconsciousness? Do you imagine we Initiates dare show the love we feel for everyone?

Why, we should probably soon find ourselves in the lunatic asylum, and have to wasteour so - called miraculous powers in trying to get out again!"A ripple of laughter went through the little assembly.It is all very well for those much - talked of Mahatmas who live the lives of hermitsin the fastnesses of the Himalayas: they can behave as they like . at least theycould, if they really did live as hermits- but as a matter of fact many of them and do notspend the whole day in ecstatic contemplation."

 - - - - - - -

The following are taken from Chapter X and is named "THEOSOPHISTS".
The words are those of the wellknown character in the books - namely the high Initiate named
Jerome Moreward Haig or simply JMH or MH.

"Altogether I am sorry to see an attitude of dogmatism among Theosophical members- some of them go so far as to think that they as Theosophists have the exclusive rightto attention from the Masters. They'd doubtless get a shock if you told them that thereis many an atheist and even a harlot more receptive to the teachings of the Masters thanthey are. " 

Are you disagreeing on this?

M. Sufilight

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  From: danielhcaldwell 
  Sent: Monday, October 13, 2008 8:31 AM
  Subject: Theos-World Re: Blavatsky was ordered to mislead people


  You say Blavatsky was ordered to mislead people.

  And then you quote this letter from the Master:

  The Old Woman is accused of untruthfulness, inaccuracy in her
  statements. "Ask no questions and you will receive no lies." She is
  forbidden to say what she knows. You may cut her to pieces and she
  will not tell. Nay -- she is ordered in cases of need to mislead
  people; and, were she more of a natural born liar -- she might be
  happier and won her day long since by this time. 

  Quoted from:

  Now let me see if I understand what you are trying to tell
  us here.

  You say Blavatsky was ordered by the Master to mislead people.

  But Anand how do YOU KNOW that this quote is really from one of the

  According to your own previous speculation, you write that
  many of the letters supposedly from the Masters are actually
  simply "carrying thoughts of Blavatsky PRETENDING to be thoughts of 

  So this Letter #47 may just be "carrying thoughts of Blavatsky 
  PRETENDING to be thoughts of Masters."

  In other words, this letter, this quote is NOT from the Master....

  Anand, how do YOU REALLY KNOW one way or the other???

  Tell us how you have determined that this is really from the Master?

  How did you determine it?? 

  I would love to sit down with you in your house and go thru the book 
  THE MAHATMA LETTERS TO A.P. SINNETT and let you tell me if Letter No 
  1 is from the Master or not and your reasons for accepting it or 
  rejecting it, and go thru all of the letters one by one, etc. etc. 

  In this process I might actually discover your reasoning and thinking 
  on all of this which up to this point is not at all clear to me!!!!!

  But even if this letter conveys the Master's real thought, what is 
  the Master actually referring to in the quote given by you?????

  Anand, are you suggesting to us that the Master ordered Blavatsky to 
  mislead people about the real teachings of Theosophy?????

  Are you telling us that H.P. Blavatsky was under orders from the 
  Masters to mislead readers about THE TEACHINGS of Theosophy when she 
  VOICE OF THE SILENCE and her 1000 articles??????

  Please Anand tell us specifically what you are trying to convey to us?

  I must honestly admit that I have no clear idea whatsoever as to what 
  your thinking on this is all about.....



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