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Oct 13, 2008 06:10 PM
by Augoeides-222

    Thanks for this stimulating informative post it is an area I have interest in. I have not read Popp so I apologize for my personal ignorance of his originations. This realm of Biophotonics will in realizable future provide the most earth shaking profound revolutionary advances in many, many centuries.The gnosis of the light that knows no boundary and is the veritable earth storehouse of ancient renown.

  I was many years ago astonished when I read about Jacques Benveniste the Director of the French Medical Institute who made most incredible discovery pertaining to the Chiropractic Dilution Phenomena wherein a Data Template of physical element trace continued to present in solution even after the achievement of Negative Avagado readings in the form of non-physical Electro-magnetic  informational data template which he maintained contained the perfect complete underlying substrate informationally of the physical element itself which he recorded on disk and also later streamed by phone to another remote laboratory into another isolation solution chamber and verified identical imprint there. He was fired and ridiculed but his discovery research revealed profound implication for medicine and Disease origins.

   Dr. Poponin gained recognition in regards to his "DNA Phantom Phenomena" when he and his research teams were examining DNA strand in relaxed state in an isolation chambers using laser intersection to record the DNA data. They completed the experiment, removed the physical dna strand from the chamber, leaving an empty isolation chamber. At a later date Dr. Poponin switched on the lasers and them once more intersected but in an empty chamber without any specimen in there.  To his surprise the lasers were again reading the DNA strand data with no specimen! He deduced like Benveniste had that a non-visible Field of Formational Information was present that contained all the data of the original physical specimen of DNA but in a temporal field that had remained electromagnetically as a subtle template of form containing the archetype structural data

  Dr. Peter Gariaev in Russia and his research team were conducting research  on Biophotonics and made most incredible discoveries "DNA-Biowave Computer" a term he used to communicate a reality of how every single strand of DNA and very single cell of our body is in constant uninterrupted communication via Coherent Laser Emission and Acoustic Wave Emission of Biophotonic Information to what he calls the "Non-Local Quantum Matrix"! This discovery is so very profound in my personal opinion. In the ancient Buddhist Sutra's they speak of the Earth Storehouse and it id the vessel that contains all the past, present, future forms in all possible gradients and differentiations of all form that was, is and will be. Gariaev recorded the data of the emissions and, most profound the replies of data from the Non-Local Quantum Matrix! Our living physical form in but the end point of magnificent Beauty itself. Darwin proposed the survival of the fittest by "Adaption" but no one knew what the rea
l actual means and engine of adaption was until Gariaev discover it! A Computer is coded to make "queries" for solutions that indicate a need for change. It sends the queries to a database and searches all possible contents for the "ideal gradient of change" in compatible form. The instruction set and code are downloaded and integrated to the system  ASAP. This is the process of the Biophotonic DNA-wave Biocomputer of Gariaev. My opinion is the Adaptive Mechanic  of Darwin Theorem is the discover of Gariaev. A humming bird can evolve a beak that will perfectly fit a certain flower and a flower can evolve a form that complements symbiotically the hummingbird through the Non-locale quantum matrix  referencing and transfer of the data template information back and forth across time to include all mankind also as well as all life itself . Proclus would shout in joy!

   These scientists have discovered  away to cure all disease if they find a way to remove the electromagnetic data template of cancer that remains after chemotherapy and radiation and hormonal treatments. Today they are only just coming to awareness that a realm which will transform the Disciplines is within reach.

    A short distance from me There is a Biophotonic Research Center  that is secured, locked and very difficult to have communication with. You cannot walk in the front door are always locked. You cannot call, there is one solitary hand phone hand on wall outside the blgd but you need a call code to connect!

   I wish more people knew this revolutionary discovery about Biophotonics, search online.

Thanks again for your post.


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ILLUMINATING THE AFTERLIFE "Zero-point Light": The White Light of 

Most individuals who have a near-death experience see a great white 
light at death. Many describe this light as consciousness emanating 
unconditional love. There actually is such a light and it is "on 
earth as it is in heaven," related to a phenomenon called "zero 

Studies are revealing that there is a "zero-point energy field" that 
resides in stillness and yet maintains continual motion. Scientists 
have long looked for explanations of what we would call the 
miraculous, and zero-point energy seems to be it. 

The phenomenon begins with chilling something to absolute zero, 
almost three hundred degrees below zero centigrade. Atomic motion 
stops?but energy continues. An experiment done by researchers 
including Lene Vestergaard Hau demonstrated that light was frozen to 
a standstill at "zero" velocity or speed, which means that light 
vanished. Its imprint, however, did not! The "disappeared" light 
regenerated when stimulated by yet another light. 

Only quantum theory can explain why the background radiation 
continued to emanate?why something can move even when completely 
still. The particles might not be moving directionally, but they 
could flash in and out of existence. The implications of this finding 
are staggering. 

For example, skeptics ask why only some people remember past lives. 
According to researcher Walter Schempp, memory is not stored in the 
brain, but rather in what I call the "genesis field." This field is 
composed of zero-point light. 3Memories of the past, parallel 
existences, ancestral events, or even the future flash in and out of 
existence?or in this case, awareness?based on our relationship with 
the field. If our light is "on," we will remember. When the departing 
soul sees the light, memories flood in. The light from the Source 
frees the soul from its frozen state. 

The fact that we are made of light?that the body itself is a 
biophoton organism, has been well established by several researchers, 
including Fritz-Albert Popp. One of Popp's findings was that DNA 
itself is a storehouse of light, or biophoton emissions. 

The more photons that are emitted from an organism's DNA, the higher 
it stands on the evolutionary scale. The zero-point or genesis field 
plays a central role in originating and responding to this internal 
light. If a body of photons internalizes too much or too little light 
from the field, disease results. Popp concluded that organisms are 
healthiest if they rely on a minimum of "free energy." This means 
that they each approach their own zero state, or 
nothingness.4Essentially, we can, and need to, generate our own 

This explains how a soul can be integrated into the body one moment?
and then be gone in the next moment. It is not destroyed; it merely 
blinks into another pocket of the universe. This shows how our 
spirits, with their infinite wisdom, can surround our bodies and why 
sometimes knowledge is available?and then suddenly, is not available. 
This also reveals the true nature of the White Light: a consciousness 
that operates at zero point produces a zero-point field, and always 
holds us, even when we do not recognize it. ILLUMINATING THE 
AFTERLIFE "Zero-point Light": "The fact that we are made of light?
that the body itself is a biophoton organism, has been well 
established by several researchers, including Fritz-Albert Popp. One 
of Popp's findings was that DNA itself is a storehouse of light, or 
biophoton emissions."
Page 2 
This is the story of the spirit. When you enter the physical realm, 
your spirit "freezes," at least relative to your everyday 
consciousness. You cannot see, hear, or touch it, because you are 
identifying chiefly with the "imprint" that it leaves: your body, 
which is encoded by your soul and mind. At death, a light?the White 
Light?re-stimulates your spirit. The body disappears, not because it 
does not exist anymore but because the more ethereal parts of you, 
such as your soul, reabsorb the body's essential qualities or 
energetic charges. The shift from body to soul is accomplished while 
we are dying and just after the body dies. The transformation from 
soul to spirit usually happens after death through the Planes of 
Light, which expose us to higher and higher frequencies of light. And 
there is yet another energy body that interconnects the physical 
bodywith the soul body. The Ancient Egyptians called it the Ka. The 
Ka is the "light body," and it is fed by light. Most often, the light 
body is not provided the light it needs to generate until we are 
dying, at which time the ill are often described as "glowing." You 
can, however, activate the light body, as well as your physical body, 
through the chakras while you are alive. It is simply a matter of 
knowing how. The most vital entryways for light in the body are the 
chakras and the auric fields. These energy centers not only convert 
low- to high-spectrum light and back again, but also fast- to slow-
moving energy and vice versa.


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