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Re: Theos-World How to take over The Theosophical Society

Oct 13, 2008 04:44 PM
by Cass Silva

Did you mean moose or mouse? At the moment the analogy draws better on mices

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Well, they haven't called me yet!

But what I do not understand is why anyone would even want to run the TS 
when to run for high office in the US these days only requires the ability to 
herd moose.

Chuck the heretic

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How to take over The Theosophical Society in twelve swift steps

1. When invited by the President to be Vice-President, accept. When
she nominates you again twice, accept. Be sure to keep a distance,
physical and psychological, from the International Headquarters, for
example, by calling it "a symbolic headquarters" in one of your
Convention lectures.

2. When the President experience a recoverable health problem, contact
the head of a leading antipodal Section and invite her to be your VP.
When she says that such matter should be referred to the President
agree with her position, albeit reluctantly. When the President says
she can still conduct her duties and is going on a European tour,
express outrage and abandon her to her luck.

3. In the following months, contact key workers at Adyar about The
Plan. Be sure not to contact Indian members because of their silly and
traditional devotion and loyalty to the elected President of the
Theosophical Society. Ideally, contact workers from a Latin American
background because of their emotional volatility and their
impressionability to "The Big Chief" archetype.

4. The foundation of The Plan is to convince as many members as
possible that the President is unwell, has erratic behaviour,
inconsistent memory, cannot articulate coherent words anymore and has
a damaged brain. 

5. Get the selected key workers at Adyar to write letters to General
Council members, even before they receive the official papers from the
Secretary, saying that you don't really want to be President but under
the circumstancesâ Be sure that at least one of the key workers is
from the Secretary's Office where all the membership records are kept.

6. When one of their letters, declaring that you have agreed to accept
nomination, is tabled at the Council meeting remain silent.

7. When the voting results are declared, blame the Indian Section.

8. Start a series of messages attacking the structure of the Society,
the Executive Committee, the President and the Indian Section.

9. Invite General Council members to join your self-created caucus
(The Plan B) and ask their permission to circularize their messages.

10. When very few messages arrive form the Ahamkara Quartet and send
out a proposal to substantially curtail the President's constitutional
prerogatives and to eliminate the direct vote by members world wide in
the election of the President.

11. Hold fast thy senses, thy mind, thy heart and thy consciousness
against the great heresy of Brotherhood and Oneness. Dwell on I-ness.

12. If anything goes wrong, call Chuck. 


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