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Re:Anand, How do you know what the real teachings are?

Oct 13, 2008 02:21 PM
by Brian Scanlon


How "one" can tell, Truth from Bollocks,  is only from within "the Process", in my perception. Because without clear perception, Absolute Truth, can never be known. 

And for the process to start, the practical methods, must be practised and worked with everyday.Its the practical side of the teachings, which are so guarded, hence, most serious Esoteric students have to go outside of Theosophy for real time, methods. As the practical method IS the core KEY, to the entire system.

I suggest to others, what Mr.Caldwell pointed out,in one of his articles, in that, HPB and the Masters, left so much material, we dont need to go further (especialy initialy). Just within SD, there is years and years of study, just to get a basic grasp, even on an Exoteric level of understanding!!!

My Kung Fu Master is from Tibet. And an Initiate.  Something he always points out, is people are "Knowledge Hogs". For example, the basic punching method, within our Kung Fu system takes years and years to master. Most people, after learning the basic mechanics, "think they got it", and want to learn more. And that keeps happening, if the teacher allows it. Thus you end up with a student, with only a..Exoteric understanding of the system, that does everything half-arsed, BUT is under the illusion, they know it all. I perceive many Theosophists are "Knowledge Hogs", yet they havnt even mastered the most basic parts of the Esoteric system - IE the Roots of it all (The basic parts of the process). 

So before one gradualy becomes realised, a safe road, is to stick to the basics (and I use that term very lightly)and the core, while working with the practical methods everyday. So your understanding of the teachings, and your "realisation" level,gradualy refine, at the same time, from an Exoteric to the Esoteric, similar to how a piece of Coal is gradualy refined into a Diamond.

In my perception, the whole "Moral Code" thing cant be discarded, as the TRUE exoteric shell for the Pre-Vedic system, IS, the Moral Code aspect. We have seen many SPiritual Masters use this format for public teachings, while the Esoteric is reserved for those with the Call and Karma.
Throwing away, Posturing, FALSE honesty/Love/altruism,(Ego based BS) is a great idea though!!! These are just sentamental attachements to let go of. But TRUE Altruism, cant be discarded, as once one begins to become realised (I say "begins" because there are many many differant steps to "realisation"), the differance between self and others, graduly no longer exists, thus there is only oneness. 




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