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Re: Soul

Oct 13, 2008 01:54 PM
by Brian Scanlon

I have to highlight something of vast importance in Mr.Leons Post. And I quote: 

"In fact, theosophy is a philosophy based on facts of 
nature introspectively observed by countless trained meditators since 
ancient times, and is NOT a "religious belief" (based on faith in so 
called "revelations" ). Thus, the only way to KNOW "theosophy" (as 
well as the holistic nature of fundamental reality as described by my 
ABC mode) is to test it for yourself."

This IS, what I have been trying to express with my wording "The Process", in my other posts. This IS what makes something either Esoteric, or Exoteric. If one isnt following Mr.Leons statement, they are sadly NOT students of the Esoteric tradition, but just another Exoteric group creating division and dogma.




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