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New offices

Oct 13, 2008 05:32 AM
by sampsakuukasjarvi

I got today my copy of the newest issue of "The Theosophist". It reads 
in the news section of this magazine:

"In Adyar there have been various changes. Ms Mary Anderson resigned as 
International Secretary as of 1 September; Mr Keith Fisher from 
Australia is now the Secretary. We thank Ms Anderson warmly for the 
work she has done for the Society during last few years. She has been 
both Vice-President and Secretary and her work in these offices and in 
general has been valuable."

After this, the news doesn't say what other changes in office in Adyar 
there have been. It would be interesting to know. The magazine only 
reports on new General Secretaries in England, Greece,Belgium, Germany 
and Brazil. I already knew about them, because I had read earlier news 
and International directories of previous issues.

We could expect that after the presidential election it was difficult 
to Mary Anderson to continue as international Secretary. I almost 
thought that Pedro would have been the new Secretary, because he has 
often told us what is going on. All the best for Ms Anderson and Mr 


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