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Re: Dugpas and Shammars

Oct 13, 2008 01:55 AM
by Erica Letzerich

Dear Anton,

The one who proposed to establish in the T.S. a system similar to the
vatican was Algeo. We will have a theosophical 'conclave' and the
Council of theosophists will elect the President of the Theosophical
Society. Oh my god more similar to the vatican could not be.

So I thank Pedro Oliveira to have warned us about the proposed
amendment and be open against the creation of what we could call a
"vatican system" within the T.S..

At the same time if members have a feeling of respect and reverence to
the International President, you may label it as you want. Still the
T.S. and its current structure (Bylaws) has nothing to do with the
vatican. Not is also stated in the bylaws a President must be so until
his death. Such choice is placed entirely on the hands of the members
of the T.S..   


--- In, "Anton Rozman" <anton_rozman@...>
> Hi Ramadoss and all,
> Maybe it is time to carefully re-read Mabel Collins' The Idyll of the 
> White Lotus: 
> and its Commentary by T. Subba Row.
> We should acknowledge that we are practically all living in the 
> Vatican's monastery and that priests are preparing the resurrection 
> of their "dark goddess" with the blood of new age seers who are, as 
> they think, under their total control. But priests' secrets and plans 
> are coming to the surface, the monastery foundations are shaking. 
> Will be priests' deception anyway successful or will be monastery 
> destroyed or will it be possibly revived with the Truth of genuine 
> Divine Wisdom? It depends on all and each of us!
> Best regards,
> Anton
> p. s. Here is link to an excellent web site regarding cults and 
> spiritual path:
> An option to begin: 
> --- In, MKR <mkr777@> wrote:
> >
> > There are some references to Dugpas and Shammars in ML to APS. Has 
> anyone
> > seen any literature on Dugpas and Shammars from a theosophical angle
> > published in early days of TS?
> > 
> > Years ago, I spoke to a local group how to identify cults so that 
> we can
> > avoid getting entangled in them. I think it may be timely to post a 
> msg
> > about how to avoid Dugpas and Shammars if one sees the results of 
> their
> > destructive actions.
> > 
> > mkr
> > 
> > 
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