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What ethics does the Master Koot Hoomi have???????

Oct 12, 2008 10:25 PM
by danielhcaldwell

In the article by H.P. Blavatsky that I quoted earlier today,
she writes:

We have been asked by a correspondent why he should not "be free to
suspect some of the so-called 'precipitated' [Mahatma] letters [from 
Koot Hoomi and Morya] as being forgeries," giving as his reason for 
it that while some of them bear the stamp of (to him) undeniable 
genuineness, others seem from their contents and style, to be 

I invite the attentive reader to PONDER on one paragraph of
HPB's reply to the above.  She writes:

But there is another, and a far worse condition implied. For all that
the recipient of "occult" letters can possibly know, and on the
simple grounds of probability and COMMON HONESTY, the unseen
correspondent [that is, Master Koot Hoomi] who would tolerate one 
single fraudulent line in his name, would wink at an unlimited 
repetition of the deception....
caps added.

Quoted from:

Now let us consider this quote in the present context of what Anand 
has been saying about the Mahatma letters.

On the one hand, Anand tells us that he is indeed a believer in the 
existence of the Master Koot Hoomi.  And yet Anand apparently is 
willing to believe that H.P. Blavatsky, the messenger of Master Koot 
Hoomi to the public, actually faked letters from Master Koot Hoomi 
and apparently this "faking" occurred over a period of years.

But if the Master KH is really an adept or Master, then would he not 
have been aware that Madame Blavatsky was palming off fake letters 
using his name???  

And would not the Master KH know that Mr. Sinnett is being deceived 
by these fake letters and would not the Master know that Sinnett is 
even publishing some of these fake letters in ESOTERIC BUDDHISM 

Surely the Master KH would be aware that these "faked" letters being 
published in ESOTERIC BUDDHISM would deceive and mislead hundreds if 
not thousands of readers.  

What kind of "Master" would allow such things to occur???

What kind of ethics, morality and even "common honesty" does the 
Master Koot Hoomi have if such are the "facts" as suggested by 

And consider one more point.

In 1884 with all this supposed faking and deceiving being done by 
HPB, does Anand really believe that the Master KH would still use 
H.P. Blavatsky to send genuine letters to C.W. Leadbeater?

If HPB had already been deceiving A.P. Sinnett over several years in 
to believing that certain letters were from the Master when actually 
they were not, why should we believe that in 1884 the real KH sent 
the following letter through HPB to C.W. Leadbeater???

Since your intuition led you in the right direction and made you
understand that it was my desire you should go to Adyar immediately -
I may say more. The sooner you go the better. Do not lose one day
more than you can help. Sail on the 5th if possible. Join Upasika at
Alexandria. Let no one know you are going and may the blessing of our
Lord, and my poor blessing shield you from every evil in your new
life. Greeting to you my new chela.

K. H.

Show my notes to no one.

If HPB could deceive Sinnett with fake Mahatma letters, why would she 
not ALSO deceive Mr. Leadbeater?????

There are other implications to what Anand is alleging but I will 
consider these later.


What kind of ethics, 

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