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Re: Soul

Oct 12, 2008 06:38 PM
by Leon Maurer

On Oct 1, 2008 6:10 pm ((PDT)) "rybo6" os_jbug wrote:


>> Leon, Im not clear on what exactly a "pure consciousness" is?
> It is the a-priori quality of potential awareness, will, etc. that is
> inherent in every zero-point source of energy fields
>> Once I'm clear on that, are you saying the "soul" surrounds
>> consciousness?

Yes, in a sense that soul is the conscious monad -- which are the  
initial fractal involced triune fields of spiritual mind whose center  
of origin is our human consciousness.
>>> Thus, even the photon must be conscious on a fundamental root level
>>> -- although, without a phenomenally conscious "soul" (or self  
>>> awareness).
>> Ok, so a photon is conscious, yet without a soul, that I think your
>> previous stated permiated all of universe, but apparrently does not
>> permeate a photon?

The photon (as the fundamental radiation on any hyperspace level of  
total space) is a fundamental triune monad itself -- which is  
analogous to a latent soul (without individual self awareness, will,  
etc.).  IOW, while the photon's zero-point center is potentially  
conscious, it is not phenomenally conscious or aware. See the cross  
sectional view of a photon (from a head on view of an oncoming light  
ray) at:

>> Hope this questions are not overbearing for you as I have been to
>> your web site and still need clarification.

No problem.

Incidentally, I suggest that you (and anyone else interested)  
download my illustrations from your web browser... Since AOL is  
closing down all its client's web sites at the end of this month...  
And it might be some time before I'm able to rebuild a new site with  
another ISP.

>> RYbo
>>> Leon Maurer

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