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Re: Soul

Oct 12, 2008 02:56 PM
by Leon Maurer

On Oct 2, 2008, at 6:37 AM, "" wrote:

> According to Iskakov Theory, a Quantum Information Theory (QIT),
> based on a Bose-Einstein Condensate (a galactic gas of microleptons),
> the soul of a live person is a complex information pattern in that BEC
> which mirrors the physical structure and processes of the human being.
> According to Eastern religious beliefs including Theosophy
> the information complex is centered
> on a 1- (2- or 3-) dimensional
>  array
> of from 6 to 96 or more chakras
> According to Theosophy, much of the informational content of soul  
> of the living is removed after death.
> The remainder may be reborn or remain within the BEC of microleptons.
> The remainder or root is what most regard to be the soul.
> According to Theosophy its resulting shape is spherical
> with the finer microleptons in its center
> and the coarser on its surface,
> much like a single chakra.
> The coarse microleptons are apt to radiate away especially right  
> after death.
> But the finer microleptons may stabilize, or even experience growth,
> If the information content of the root supports consciousness.
> Leon Maurer's concepts are not consistent
> with those teachings of Theosophy
> or Iskakov Theory

Since I have been a student of theosophy for over 40 years, and have  
thoroughly studied the facsimile edition of the Secret Doctrine, The  
synthesis of Science , religion and Philosophy (Vol I; Cosmogenesis,  
Vol II; Anthhropogenesis) by its original teacher H. P. Blavatsky, as  
well as all her explanatory articles and theosophical glossaries --  
in addition to a careful analysis of its modern scientific  
implications (with the help of a collaborating nuclear physicist/ 
engineer) -- I do not recognize any of your vague statements about  
theosophy as making any sense or being consistent with those  
writings.  In fact, theosophy is a philosophy based on facts of  
nature introspectively observed by countless trained meditators since  
ancient times, and is NOT a "religious belief" (based on faith in so  
called "revelations"). Thus, the only way to KNOW "theosophy" (as  
well as the holistic nature of fundamental reality as described by my  
ABC mode) is to test it for yourself.

Also, please note the following taken from the Encyclopedic  
Theosophical Glossary:

Soul:  Generally, the manifesting vehicle or garment in which an ego  
clothes itself. First in serial order is the MONAD, on whatever plane  
and of whatever class; its vehicle or carrier is its efflux, the ego;  
which in its turn clothes itself in its own vital garment which is  
soul. Cosmically, therefore, soul is the vehicle or upadhi of spirit.  
As the monad creates for its manifestation successive vehicles, soul  
in its widest sense includes all these, even the physical body; but  
it is usually used in an aggregative sense to designate the  
intermediate nature, excluding the MONAD on the one hand and the  
physical body on the other. Such division produces the triad of  
spirit, soul, body, where soul is the vehicle of spirit, and body is  
the vehicle of soul and spirit. The soul is evolved by experiences on  
different planes. In itself it is merely a vehicle; but, informed by  
the monad, through the latter's ego, it is a living conscious entity.  
The broad meaning is particularized with qualifying adjectives such  
as animal soul, human soul, etc. Saying that every living thing --  
animal, vegetable, or mineral -- has a soul, refers to the  
intermediate nature of the being, of which its physical body is the  
vehicle. Souls, like bodies, are aggregates of innumerable  
subordinate lives or life-atoms of various orders. Equivalent to the  
Greek psyche and the Hebrew nephesh.

Monad, Monas: [from Greek monas a unit, individual, atom] A unit, a  
one; something nondivisible and which is therefore conceived of as  
real, in contradistinction to compound things which (as compounds)  
are not real.

In the Pythagorean system the Duad emanates from the higher and  
solitary Monas, which is thus the First Cause or First Logos, the  
Duad being the Second Cause or Logos; and from the second emanates  
the third stage of individuality, the Triad, Third Cause or Logos. In  
the human constitution the Monas signifies atman, the Duad buddhi,  
and the Triad signifies manas.

The term monad was adopted from Greek philosophy by Bruno, Leibniz,  
and others. According to Leibniz there can be but one ultimate cosmic  
reality or monad, the universe; but he recognizes an innumerable  
multiplicity of monads which pervade the universe, copies or  
reflections of the universal monad regarded as real except in their  
relation to the universal monad. He divides his derivative monads  
into three classes: rational souls; sentient but irrational monads;  
and material monads, or organic and inorganic bodies. As regards the  
material monads, while recognizing that corporeal matter is compound,  
and the attributes by which we perceive it unreal, unlike Berkeley,  
he does not deny its existence but regards it essentially as monadic.  
Thus his universe is an aggregate of individuals. The relations of  
these individuals to each other and to the universal is a supreme  
harmony, implying both individuality and coordination, thus  
reconciling the antinomy of bonds of law and freedom. The  
interrelations of various groups of monads is as a series of  
hierarchies. Theosophical usage is largely the same as that of  
Leibniz, as the focus or heart in any individual being, of all its  
divine, spiritual, and intellectual powers and attributes -- the  
immortal part of its being. In The Secret Doctrine we find a triadic  
union of gods-monads-atoms, related to each other as spirit-soul-body  
(or more accurately spirit, spirit-soul, and spirit-soul-body).  
Monads and atoms are related to each other as the energic and the  
material side of manifestation, the atoms being the reflections,  
veils, or projections of and from the monads themselves.

Monads are the ultimate elements of the universe, spiritual- 
substantial entities, self-motivated, self-impelled, self-conscious,  
in infinitely varying degrees. They engender other monads, which in  
turn engender others, and thus springs up the host of living entities  
forming the immense variety and unity of the manifested world. As any  
monad descends into matter, it secretes from itself various veils or  
vehicles adapted for its self-expression on the various cosmic  
planes. Thus in man there is the divine monad, the spiritual monad,  
the higher human or chain monad, the lower human or globe monad, the  
animal monad, and the astral-physical monad. The following diagram  
shows the relations between the cosmic principles; the monads, egos  
and souls in the human being; and the human principles

Niote that if the MONAD is the first "vital garment" -- it must be in  
the form of the initial hyperspace field surrounding the entire body  
-- which emanates polarly from a unique "singularity" or *conscious*  
zero-point source of spin momentum (a Laya Point, in theosophical  
terminology).  In order to exist as a "non divisible" permanent field  
of our higher ego consciousness, this field must be composed of  
radiating lines of force on a continuous Mobius-Klein spiral vortex  
figure eight path -- that, due to radial spin on three spherical  
axes, weaves a polarized outer spherical field that contains two  
fractally involved, similarly polarized inner fields. (See my  
illustrations in the original message below).

Therefore, no radiant spherical field (at any frequncy/energy level)  
can exist separate from its inner fractal involved harmonic fields.  
This is a fundamental law of nature based on the cycles of original  
spin, and thus governs all physical phenomena --- including the  
hyperspace fields postulated by superstring/M-brane, QF, LQG  
theories, and their offshoots, such as Iskakov (and his QIT) -- who  
seems to have a theosophical grounding -- since he calls his theory a  
theory of Karma.  But, apparently, he's still stuck in quantum  
mechanics., and thinks "particles" are real.:) See: http://www.sacred-  However, I imagine this is necessary, in  
order to have his theory heard by physicists who are still stuck in  
eliminative materialism, and assume that consciousness must be an  
epiphenomena of physical processes.

As for the triune Monad...  Further fractal involution of this  
unified field, on both cosmic and human levels is the basis of the 14  
intial fractal involved hyperspace fields that compose the highest  
order spiritual, mental, astral and metaphysical nature of each  
living being...  The soul being the highest order, outermost triune  
monad field (containing the spiritual knowledge gained through all  
previous lives) -- that dissacosiates from the body after death and  
dissipation of all the lower (frequency energy phase) order radiant  
mental, astral and physical fields, along with the hoilographic wave- 
interference patterned information they carry... Which doesn't need  
any "granulations," other than the frequency and amplitude [FM-AM]  
modulations they carry.

The difference between the ABC model, and all the other "scientific"  
attempts to describe fundamental reality through combinations of  
relativity and quantum theories, is that ABC considers consciousness  
as an independent quality of the absolute space that underlies all  
the fractally involved fields of total metric space.  Thus ABC, is  
the basis of all those materialistic theories, and is the only  
hypothesis that can call itself a "unified field theory of  

Therefore, it's perfectly obvious that the ABC fractal involved field  
theory of cosmogenesis is perfectly consistent with both esoteric  
theosophy, all the Eastern religious (yoga) philosophies  
(metaphically interpretated) and the theory of Iskakov -- which,  
apparently, substitutes microleptons in a BEC for those hyperspace  
fields -- and is based on the same fundamental electrodynamic  
equations that underlie both relativity and string theory as well as  
my unified field theory.

Obviously, until physics recognizes that fundamentally all  
"particles" (microleptons, leptons, fermions, bosons, etc.) are  
simply different configurations of "total space" in varying degees of  
wave motions and frequency. Thus, I'm convinced that all observed  
quantum particles as well as unobserved micro particles, strings,  
etc. are analogously standing waves of one or another fractal  
involved hyperspace field on both the macrocosmic and microcosmic  
levels.... And, that potentially conscious "soul" is the nature of  
all monads on any level.

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> Sent: Wed, 1 Oct 2008 7:46 pm
> Soul, as a single unity, is the initial highest frequency phase  
> order triune electrodynamic field(s) surrounding and permeating the  
> entire universe (on the macrocosmic level) -- as well as,  
> analogously, the human body (on the microcosmic level). It's zero- 
> point center of origin (located in the central "Naval" chakra) is  
> the basis of human consciousness -- as well as the source of the  
> chi energy of Chinese healing and martial arts.  It is analogous to  
> the initial spiritual field of cosmogenesis -- that emanates and  
> radiates out of a zero-point of Universal (as well as individual  
> human) consciousness. See illustrations on "canonizer" web page**  
> below, or:
> These integral triune fields (like twin bubbles within a bubble)  
> together, are the relatively eternal "monad" or the human soul...  
> With the twin inner fields representing the higher, spiritual  
> aspect, and the lower, the mental aspect.  These initial triune  
> fields, representing the higher ego or self consciousness on both  
> the cosmic and the human level, analogously involve fractally, down  
> to the lowest order physical energy fields that constitute the  
> fundamental particle/waves and their atomic, molecular and compound  
> inorganic and or organic material forms that make up the cosmos  
> (galaxies, stars, etc.), as well as the human bodies (cells,  
> organs, etc.).
> For an outline (along with graphic illustrations) of how all this  
> occurs... Starting with cosmogenesis -- and analogously reflected  
> in our individualized anthropogenesis (on the 4th world physical  
> plane)... See: ** (scroll down  
> page to bottom)
> The human soul, then, is20an analog (or reflection) of the  
> universal soul... And, since the fractal nature of all energy  
> fields, originating at ubiquitous zero-points of absolute space,  
> indicate that the entire universe is a hologram -- it's, therefore,  
> possible for the human soul and its zero-point of individual  
> consciousness to merge with the universal soul.  This, apparently,  
> can be done in deep meditation -- called "Samadhi" or "Nirvana" by  
> the Eastern philosopher/scientists/yogis... And, since the higher  
> order spiritual/mental fields do not dissipate after death of the  
> physical body, as well as (after a short time, 49 days according to  
> the Tibetan Buddhists) the lower order "astral" fields --  
> reincarnation is a logical possibility.  In addition, this fractal  
> involved field structure of fundamental reality can explain all  
> near death and out of body experiences, as well as all possible and/ 
> or reported psi phenomena.
> While this model of fundamental reality is consistent with all  
> solid, non Euclidean, as well as Kaluza-Klein hyperspace manifold  
> geometries, and is based on the cyclic laws underlying and  
> governing all the laws of nature inherent in fundamental zero-point  
> spin (as the root of zero-point energy [ZPE] on the physical level,  
> as well as all fundamental particle-waves) -- it does not  
> contradict the theories of relativity, nor any of the proven (or  
> yet unproved) dynamics of quantum and string theories.
> All that these theories need in order to consolidate and become a  
> true "unified field theory of everything
> " -- is to recognize consciousness (awareness, will, qualia, etc.)  
> as being a fundamental aspect (quality) of Absolute space located  
> everywhere in the Planck vacuum (or "aether," as described by  
> Einstein in his 1929 Leyden lecture).  In this view (based on  
> Einstein's claim that "energy is space in motion") -- all  
> fundamental particles are proposed to be spherical standing waves  
> of total space (rooted in fundamental spin) surrounding a zero- 
> point of pure consciousness.  Thus, even the photon must be  
> conscious on a fundamental root level -- although, without a  
> phenomenally conscious "soul" (or self awareness).
> Leon Maurer
> On Mon Sep 29, 2008 3:04 pm ((PDT) "rybo6" os_jbug  
> wrote:

> Meera, ok so soul is not a collection of things, so what exactly is  
> it?
> Is soul consciousness or is soul just a name as it  "it is the is the
> other name of consciounesss"?
> So soul is consciousness with a differrent name?
> Rybo
> On Sep 29, 2008, at 8:10 AM, Meera wrote:
> Rybo,
> It is the body that is the conjunction/conglomeration of all the
> five elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. The soul isnt
> the conglomeration of anything. In fact it is the other name of
> Consciousness in Indian context.
> meera
> From:
> [] On Behalf Of rybo6
> Sent: Friday, August 29, 2008 6:34 PM
> 0ATo:
> Subject: Re: [WEDconsc] soul
> Meera, maybe Indians are refering to an alledged n toroidal electro-
> magnetic field that emanates from and returns to the body.  See
> heart math link.
> option=com_content&task=view&id=28&Itemid=51&limit=1&limitstart=3
> We also have smells that emanate from the body, maybe that, in
> conjunction with EMR/F is Indian soul.
> We also have carbon dioxide and water and other molecules that
> emanate from the body, may it is the conjunction of all of those
> that is Indian soul.
> There was a move called Golden Compass where a persons soul was in
> another animal.
> If so, did that animal have a soul to begin with and if so, did it
> reside in the animal or was it in soul of another animal, including
> any human animal.
> Rybo
> .
> On Sep 29, 2008, at 7:29 AM, Meera wrote:
> As many of you will be knowing , Soul in Indian Philosophy is
> something distinct from the body.
> Meera
> =

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