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Letter from Master KH to Leadbeater --- Faked??????

Oct 12, 2008 08:49 AM
by danielhcaldwell

Anand Gholap writes that there is:

...a strong possibility that many of the Mahatma Letters were not
having thoughts of the Masters, but were carrying thoughts of
Blavatsky PRETENDING to be thoughts of Masters.

caps added.

In 1884, C.W. Leadbeater writes of a letter he received from Master
K.H. He narrates how it was received as follows:

It was with difficulty that I induced her to read the letter, as she
[H.P. Blavatsky] said very decidedly that such communications were
intended only for the recipient. I was obliged to insist, however,
and at last she read it and asked me what I wished to say in reply. I
answered... and asked her how this information could be conveyed to
the Master. She replied that He knew it already, referring of course
to the exceedingly close relation in which she stood with Him, so
that whatever was within her consciousness was also within His when
He wished it.

She then told me to wait by her, and not to leave her on any account.
She adhered absolutely to this condition, even making me accompany
her into her bedroom when she went to put on her hat and, when a cab
was required, declining me to allow me to leave the room and go to
the door to whistle for it. I could not at all understand the purpose
of this at the time, but afterwards I realized that she wished me to
be able to say that she had never been out of my sight for a moment,
between the time when she read my letter from the Master and my
receipt of the reply to it. I remember as vividly as if it were
yesterday how I rode with her in that hansom cab, and the bashful
embarrassment that I felt, caused partly by the honour of doing so,
and partly by my fear that I must be inconveniencing her horribly,
for I was crushed sideways into a tiny corner of the seat, while her
huge bulk weighed down her side of the vehicle, so that the springs
were grinding all through the journey. Mr. and Mrs. Cooper-Oakley
were to accompany her on the voyage to India, and it was to their
house that I went with her very late that night - in fact, I believe
it was after midnight, so I really ought to say very early the next

Even at that hour a number of devoted friends were gathered in Mrs.
Oakley's drawing-room to say farewell to Madame Blavatsky, who seated
herself in an easy-chair by the fireside. She was talking brilliantly
to those who were present, and rolling one of her eternal cigarettes,
when suddenly her right hand was jerked out towards the fire in a
very peculiar fashion, and lay palm upwards. She looked down at it in
surprise, as I did myself, for I was standing close to her, leaning
with an elbow on the mantelpiece: and several of us saw quite clearly
a sort of whitish mist form in the palm of her hand and then condense
into a piece of folded paper, which she at once handed to me,
saying: "There is your answer." Every one in the room crowded round,
of course, but she sent me away outside to read it, saying that I
must not let anyone see its contents. It was a very short note....

The K.H. letter to C.W. Leadbeater reads:

Since your intuition led you in the right direction and made you
understand that it was my desire you should go to Adyar immediately -
I may say more. The sooner you go the better. Do not lose one day
more than you can help. Sail on the 5th if possible. Join Upasika at
Alexandria. Let no one know you are going and may the blessing of our
Lord, and my poor blessing shield you from every evil in your new
life. Greeting to you my new chela.

K. H.

Show my notes to no one.

Note that this KH letter was received through H.P. Blavatsky.

Now reconsider what Anand is alleging:

...a strong possibility that many of the Mahatma Letters were not
having thoughts of the Masters, but were carrying thoughts of
Blavatsky PRETENDING to be thoughts of Masters.

So isn't it possible that this letter to C.W. Leadbeater only
carried "thoughts of Blavatsky who was just PRETENDING be be thoughts
of Masters."?????

In other words, the letter and the contents of the letter were not
from KH but from Blavatsky "PRETENDING to be thoughts of Masters"....

But I would also remind readers of what Anand Gholap on Sept. 18,
2008 termed as the "SR-CWL theory" [Subba Row- C.W. Leadbeater
theory] about Madame Blavatsky.

According to this "SR-CWL theory", the real HPB left the Blavatsky
body in 1865. After that,

"All that remained...was the shell of the body occasionally
inhabited by a failed adept, two inexperienced chelas and a completely
ignorant bad tempered old tibetan woman." summary provided by Murthy.

So could this KH letter to C.W. Leadbeater have actually been NOT
FROM MASTER KH but from the "completely ignorant bad tempered old
tibetan woman" or the two inexperienced chelas or....?

If one letter was NOT from the real KH, then how can anyone be sure
that any of the letters were from the real KH?

The above material is offered as food for thought. And I hope that
Anand will take the time and effort to address these issues which
should not be passed over in silence or summarily dismissed with a
few words.



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