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Re: Theos-World Letter to the International President of the TS

Oct 11, 2008 02:39 PM
by Pedro Oliveira

--- In, "Anton Rozman" <anton_rozman@...>

> Let's be honest. Let' see the facts. 

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, a fact is a "thing
certainly known to have occurred or be true, datum of experience."

> It is a fact that actual President was the first one who violated the 
> TS Rules and Regulations in the past election process. 

If you look at your own website 
( under the
heading "Election Campaign Letters", you will see that the first
letter which was sent out to General Council members was Elvira
Carbonell's letter of 19 December 2007. In her letter she says, among
other things:

"Since there has been uncertainty about the state of our President's
health and our Vice-President's willingness and ability to accept
nominations for the upcoming Presidential election, several of us at
Adyar feel the need to write to members of the General Council to
share the following information.

We have learned that our Vice-President has been asked if he will
accept nominations, and have confirmation from him that although he is
not eager to run for President, he will do what seems to be in the
best interest of the Society when the time comes, and he will accept

This letter was sent by Carbonell by email while the International
Secretary sent out the nomination papers to GC members by ordinary air
mail correspondence on 18 December 2007. This means that when the
majority of GC members, who were not at Adyar at that time, received
their official nomination papers from the Secretary they had already
received Carbonell's letter.

Her letter is a concrete, irrefutable evidence that John Algeo was in
contact with some key Adyar workers who were evidently helping him
with his campaign even BEFORE the actual elections took place.

Neither the President nor a number of GC members who were at Adyar
received a copy of Carbonell's letter. Please note that Carbonell did
not act alone and that other workers at Adyar were also writing
letters to GC members, as the expression "several of us at Adyar" in
Carbonell's letter indicates. 

Therefore, John Algeo, the Vice-President of the TS, without the
knowledge of the President, who had nominated him three times for that
position, and liaising with some workers at Adyar, agreed to accept
nominations for the position of President BEFORE the majority of GC
members had even received their nomination papers. As a result of this
concerted plan of action, which used aspects of the President's health
as a form of political manipulation, John Algeo was clearly placed in
an advantageous position in the nomination process which included
General Council members in many countries.

It is a fact 
> that the Executive Committee isn't composed and doesn't act according 
> to the TS Rules and Regulations as a body of the General Council but 
> as an extended arm of the President and her administration. It is a 
> fact that the President and the Executive Committee completely ignore 
> complaints of some members of the General Council. 

According to the Rules of the Theosophical Society, the Executive
Committee is appointed annually by the General Council as per the Rule

14. Appointment of Executive Committee  

(a) The General Council shall at each Annual Meeting appoint an
Executive Committee for the ensuing year or until its next Annual
Meeting, of not less than seven and not more than ten members, of whom
at least six shall be members of the General Council. The President,
the Vice-President, the Treasurer, and the Secretary shall be
ex-officio members. Vacancies caused by death or resignation or
otherwise may be filled by co-option. 

So when you say that the EC is "an extended arm of the President" you
are insulting the authority of the General Council of the Theosophical
Society for the composition of the EC is derived from an appointment
by the GC. 

> On the other hand is a fact that in past elections general violation 
> of the TS Rules and Regulations and an unethical behavior followed 
> the action of the President.

Anyone who reads Elvira Carbonell's letter of 19 December 2007 and
understands its context will be able to see that your above accusation
against the President of the Theosophical Society, which you have
repeated several times, is baseless, unwarranted and unjust.


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