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TS - Members beware!!!

Oct 11, 2008 08:42 AM
by MKR

Most of us who have lived in the colonialist era recall how while the West
was championing Democracy, they were directly and indirectly practicing
colonialism for others. All one needs is to take and read any history book.

The current secret attempt to disenfranchise members and seize the power by
a group of GC members has the same tone and flavor even though clothed in a
justification to improve TS. It is sure it would be opposed by all members
in the 21st century, except for a few who have their own personal agenda and
vested interests. (All one needs to do is to see what went on since Dec

I think all of us have to be extra vigilant lest the proposers sneak up a
trick on the members to seize the power. We need to write to our section
leaders and international secretary that all the changes should be off the
table since members have not delegated unlimited powers to the GC to change
anything they want. If this is not done, you will see even the three objects
changed under the guise of adopting a better saleable objects in the
21stcentury. And that would shut down TS.

So members be beware!!!


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