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TS - Once in a lifetime opportunity

Oct 09, 2008 09:30 PM
by MKR

Some of the GC members first tried to mislead members about the health of
Radha Burnier with the sole purpose of defeating her. When the attempt was
discovered and exposed, instead of coming clean with all available
information, they kept silent perhaps in the hope still many members who do
not have Internet access may not know the facts and hence Radha Burnier will
be defeated based on misinformation.

When Radha Burnier was elected with an overwhelming support from members,
the GC members silently drew up a secret plan to take control of the TS as
well as disenfranchising all the members world-wide. The plan was very very
secretly and quietly presented to the GC with the hope before any ordinary
member, you and me, will find out, make it a fait accompli and take us by
surprise. This plan was exposed, courtesy of Internet. They are not talking
and keeping low profile. We do not know what is being hatched now. So,
unless all the members are very vigilant, we all will lose our voice and we
may be taken by surprise with drastic changes which is not going to benefit
you or me. Those of us who are committed to theosophy and TS, and do not
have any vested interests, should be very vigilant. Tallk about the issues
at your lodge meetings. Talk to other members so that they know exactly what
has been going on and why we need to be vigilant.

You and I have once in a life time unique opportunity to participate in this
endeavor and earn a chunk of very good Karma by giving a helping hand to the
welfare of TS. You do not want to miss it.


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