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Re: Theos-World Power Structures & Theosophical Societies, Groups

Oct 09, 2008 08:29 AM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

So the Law of Karma has according to you effectively been changed into something else?
Or are you talking about something else?

Each person his og hers own Karma. Each group its Karma.
Each person his or hers Knoweldge about Karma.

H. P. Blavatsky refers to the Law of Distribution in the Key to Theosophy.

M. Sufilight

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  From: Cass Silva 
  Sent: Thursday, October 09, 2008 1:51 AM
  Subject: Re: Theos-World Power Structures & Theosophical Societies, Groups

  That phrase no longer works anymor Morten - I have a tree that produces three types of apples


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  From: Morten Nymann Olesen <>
  Sent: Wednesday, 8 October, 2008 2:25:40 AM
  Subject: Re: Theos-World Power Structures & Theosophical Societies, Groups

  Dear Raquel and all readers

  My views are:

  Thanks Raquel

  I would answer shortly: A tree is known on its fruits.

  From time to time the Guardians of Knowledge and Compassion (The Masters) create an organisation to the promotion of the Ancient Visdom Teachings of all Ages. The name og the organisation is not always the same. The organisation is known on its fruits. The organisations activities are operating according to time of evolution, karma, place people and circumstances. There might be more than one organisation existing at the same time, using different names.

  Sometimes such organisations arebarely visible. Some of the organisations are in fact invisible or non-physical or semi-physical.

  I wonder what other organisations there are if we ask the members on this list?

  M. Sufilight

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  From: Raquel RodrÃguez 
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  Sent: Monday, October 06, 2008 9:54 PM
  Subject: Re: Theos-World Power Structures & Theosophical Societies, Groups

  Dear Morten

  I found the letter n 47, highly interesting, this gives a great hope to True Theosophy to continue its true work, as I can see the actual TS is really ill from its very inner structure. 
  I give the link here if someone it is interested
  http://www.theosoci /mahatma/ ml-47.htm

  I would like to give my humble opinion as an outside member of the society, I migth be totally wrong, but if I can compare analogically TS with Architecture I would say, they are so many problems within the TS, that it would be difficult to find out how to begin to fixed up

  I am a builder especialized in restoration of old historical buildings.

  When a building is to be restored a diagnosis of its pathologies must be done, from an especialized architect in order to proceed efficiently. An especific order must be followed depending of the diagnosis.
  a.- Foundations and main structure (obviously)
  b.- Roof and facades. The first will keep the structure together and protected it, The second if not necessary yet, keeps the inner repairs away from public. It means, that even when in the inside much work has to be done, the general public does not have to be bothered from the dust and noise and ugliness of the inner work and at the same time, they can have already an idea of how beautiful the building will be when it is finished.
  c.- Distribution of space, Inside divisions and finally decoration. 

  Well, for what I have been reading on this forum, the main and foundation problem of the TS, 
  a.- Ledbeater and Beasant, or NeoTheosophy, How can a Society be united if it is divided in to diametrical opposed teachings?. Or even more, they are not diametrical opposed, HPB teaching would be the foundation stone and Leadbeater the pathology. This has to be fixed, but do not ask me how, I am not an architect. Seems complicated to me anyhow, as I ignore many factors. But I can not really understand that both teachings are coexisting until today, under the same roof of the same society. 

  b.- You mention new teachers are needed. I would compare this with roofs and facades.
  I think they are already good teachers, maybe what is wrong is that they are not recognized by the whole of the Society as such, and that's the problem. General public would get confused and contradictory information from different teachers.

  c.- Inside distribution. Actual politics and hierarchization. If the first too are solved properly this should not be a great problem, of course would be discussion about who would get by the biggest window and not everyone would be completely happy, but with unity every one should be happy to have a place to develop the work they love. and democracy would ensure that every one would have the right to, one day, be able to work by the nicest window. 
  However if the first two are not solved it does not matter how many discussions, cracks would come out of the walls constantly, does not matter how much you paint and leaks out of the ceiling. 
  What it is worst a great deal of energy, that could be conduced on a more creative an so for useful way, would be wasted in covering up what from the structure is wrong.

  But a pathology I can not really understand in TS, it is what Power means for a Theosophist. Is the salary of the president very high or the power is about to posses Truth? This is a very preoccupying pathology.


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  Asunto: Re: Theos-World Power Structures & Theosophical Societies, Groups
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  Fecha: domingo, 5 octubre, 2008 8:02

  Dear Daniel and all readers

  This link and most of its questions need to be answered:
  "...we have to preach and popularise a knowledge of theosophy."? ??
  http://groups. group/theos- talk/message/ 41824

  My views:
  New teachers are needed. And the teaching needs to be clearly forwarded again, and again, so that there is no doubt about where the various groups are going astray, when they are going astray. This aught to be done taking time, place, people and circumstances into account. And this is where the skilled teacher is needed, so we all can help each other.

  Yet I claim: The Masters have other work going on that most theosophist do not have an inkling of even today. (See - Mahatma Letters - no 47 - A.T. Barker)

  - - - - - - -
  Earliere in 2004 I wrote the following at Theos-talk.. ..
  Theosophical thought, Experience and Teaching"There is a vast accumulation of theosophical teachings, much of it inwritings, which would-be students plough through, looking fortheosophy (Wisdom of the Gods), and wondering why it seems,so often, self-contradictory. The simple answer is that this materialis largely time-and-culture- based. Most of it was prescribed forspecific audiences at certain times and under particular conditions.Choosing the relevant materials for any time is a specialised task.To try to make sense of all of it would be like taking a bundle ofmedical prescriptions, issued over the years to a variety of people,and working out one's own therapy from such largely irrelevantpapers - and without a certain specialised knowledge. TheosophicalTeachin g is PRESCRIBED.Such parts of the theosophical Classics, stories, and lettersand lectures and so on which apply to the individual and the grouptoday - have to be selected and applied consciously
  and appropriately, by someone who is attuned to certain realities."http://www.theosoph talk/200407/ tt00327.html
  M. Sufilight

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  From: danielhcaldwell 
  To: theos-talk@yahoogro 
  Sent: Sunday, October 05, 2008 4:38 AM
  Subject: Theos-World Power Structures & Theosophical Societies, Groups

  All of the existing Theosophical groups, societies
  and associations (Adyar, Pasadena, ULT, Arcane School, etc.)
  have current "power structures" - any of which may impede or obstruct 
  in one way or another a better understanding of Theosophical 
  teachings and history.

  Unfortunately, all of the various Theosophical Societies and
  groups have "mind-sets" which may "mislead" and "confuse"
  inquirers and new students to Theosophy.

  BELOW are some postings I have previously submitted to 
  Theos-Talk which may help interested inquirers and students
  gain a greater understanding of the Theosophical Movement
  as well as any one Theosophical Society or group.


  Reference Sources on Theosophy Available thru
  http://groups. group/theos- talk/message/ 41775

  Independent Students & the Theosophical Movement
  http://groups. group/theos- talk/message/ 39419

  Ancient Wisdom Revived: A History of the Theosophical Movement
  http://groups. group/theos- talk/message/ 40246

  The Theosophical Movement: Suggested Reading
  http://groups. group/theos- talk/message/ 41456

  Should an "ideal" Theosophical Society study & "promote" these books?
  http://groups. group/theos- talk/message/ 40990

  "...we have to preach and popularise a knowledge of theosophy."? ??
  http://groups. group/theos- talk/message/ 41824

  One of Konstantin's Statements & Larger Issues
  http://groups. group/theos- talk/message/ 41848

  Don't confuse the Esoteric School with the Theosophical Society
  http://groups. group/theos- talk/message/ 40486

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