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Re: Theos-World Future of TS

Oct 09, 2008 01:59 AM
by sampsakuukasjarvi

--- In, Erica Letzerich <eletzerich@...> 

> 1 - What I said in my previous e-mail was: Concentrating into 
producing literature that can inspire and strenght
> the work is our duty... So I don't know why you are mentioning 

It is true that you didn't mention Algeo. I just wanted to give him 
credit for modernization in literature.

> 2 - For me Radha is the most inspirer speaker I ever heard in the 
Theosophical Society.  
> This is a personal opinion, that intends not to offend or minimize 
the importance of others.

> Erica

We all have right to our opinions. I want to think about the future 
of the TS. Radha doesn't belong to it. We must get new people.

It is striking that many Radha's supporters don't want to talk about 
any changes in the TS (but Erica, I don't say that you are a person 
like this). I guess that is partly because Radha has actually opposed 
many changes. And they only blame for Algeo's "camp" for non-
transparency. I believe that this difficult situation that we are 
witnessing now started from culture of non-transparency and opposing 
changes in WHOLE TS, also in Adyar.

Radha needs our support and warm thoughts just like Pedro wrote, but 
I definitively think Pedro should also admit that there are big 
weaknesses in the international administration. I think Algeo and his 
companions are right in some proposals, or at least they are worth 
pondering, but the way how these leaders acted behind our backs is 

Probably many young people prefer using the Internet to reading 
magazines, but in magazines The Theosophist is our flag ship, which 
tells readers about the state of the TS: whether it is modern or not. 
Like I alredy said, I think Vicente Hao Chin Jr. does excellent 
modern work in the Philippine magazine The Theosophical Digest. For a 
modern man the Theosophist is much too heavy to read. Radha is 
responsible for that magazine.

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