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Re: Theos-World Letter to the International President of the TS

Oct 08, 2008 09:31 PM
by Drpsionic

I've seen worse!
Though it would probably be a mistake to consider Radha's attempt at acting  
as helping the Theosophical Cause very much.  The River is definitely an  
acquired taste.
Chuck the Heretic
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Pedro - now I know you are politically driven


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Subject: Theos-World Letter to the  International President of the TS

Dear Radhaji,

As the TS goes  through another of its periodical crises, the present 
being perhaps one of  the most serious in the last one hundred years, 
my thoughts are very much  with you at this moment.

I am sure I am joined in my concern for both  your well-being and the 
well-being of The Theosophical Society by members  in many countries.

One joins the TS in order to serve its purpose and  ideals, and this 
is a privilege of many lifetimes, as the Society exists  to help the 
Powers of Goodness and Wisdom in their work of regenerating  the human 

Those who, in the recent Presidential  election in the TS, used your 
health as an instrument of political  manipulation and power, are now 
attempting to curtail your constitutional  prerogatives as the duly 
elected President of the TS, among other things.  They are also 
attempting to disenfranchise the entire membership of the  Society 
from their fundamental right to elect the International  President.

We have seen such forces acting at different times in the  history of 
the Society. They are the instruments of division, strife and  
separateness. However, every time such forces have raised their 
heads,  and attempted to deviate the Society from its sacred purpose, 
they have  been prevented from doing so by the collective will of the 
majority of the  members. The present attempt is perhaps more serious 
because it includes  manipulation and politicking from within the 
General Council. Those who  are doing so, as you know, have not 
consulted you at any time regarding  their intended actions. 

Your life and your work speak for themselves.  When members world-wide 
successively elected you as President of the  Theosophical Society, 
they expressed their choice. Your mandate therefore  has been given to 
you by the members of the TS. Your contribution to the  Society is 
such that it has maintained the TS as a strong spiritual body  
internationally. You have shown us that the essence of Theosophy is  
indeed human regeneration and, in doing so, you have helped to keep  
alive within us, members, the message of the Founders.

With strong  support for your work, for Adyar and with warm and 
fraternal good  wishes,

Pedro Oliveira 

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