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If officers don't take proposal off the table, take officers off the chair

Oct 08, 2008 09:34 AM
by Anand

> While I do feel that the organizational structure of the TS could do
> with improvement, I want this specific proposal off the table as soon
> as possible. This insecurity about whether or not we will have our
> voting rights when the next president is to be elected is not good for
> morale. 

Yes, this is a real danger. How long members will keep anxiously
watching ? I think those officers who brought that disgusting proposal
should request Secretary to take that proposal off the table. If they
don't, then members in America and Europe should take those officers
off their chairs.
And long term solution to avoid such a crisis is to make General
Council with representation proportionate to the membership of the
sections. If that happens, members won't have to keep worrying about
their voting rights. 

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