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Re: Theos-World Future of TS

Oct 08, 2008 07:23 AM
by sampsakuukasjarvi

It is true that Warwick Key's position is unclear. We can see that he 
nominated Algeo in the election, but that doesn't have to make 
him "Algeoan" (spelling?). We all should think independently. Like 
many others, I myself support changes to be made, but oppose removing 
the direct vote.

I think Erica said wise words about non-political nature of the TS. 
It is also true that concentrating into producing inspiring 
literature is more important than changin the international rules.

But I disagree with Erica that Radha is the only leader who can 
inspire members. To claim this is an attachment. We have heard this 
song in the TS at least a decade too long; we need fresh blood. Come 
on, Erica, do you want that she will be presidential candidate again 
after seven years if she is still alive and 91 years old 
then "because there are no others"?

There ARE younger international people who could lead the TS, but 
they should be encouraged to step forward: Vicente Hao Chin Jr., 
Pedro Oliveira, and Terezinha Kind, for example.

The main problem in the TS is the wrong attitude which opposes 
changes. There is a big mental wall which prevents free discussion 
and changing old people away and I am afraid that Radha is one reason 
for that; her being still the head of the TS and head of the Esoteric 
School. Because of her positions, members dare not to oppose her and 
her ideas in public.

It is good that leaders are noticing the importance of the internet. 
The Adyar web pages are at this moment updated and much better than a 
year ago.

As for modernizising our literature, I think Algeo has done a 
remarkable work with his Oz and Harry Potter writings, for example. 
Of course much more must be done in order to get young people's 

How about "The Theosophist"? It should be modernizised, too. It is 
not at all a modern magazine. Articles are uncritical towards the 
theosophical history and much too long to read and there are no 
pictures. Media theories say that readers are not able to read over 
four pages long texts fluently; so why are there 6-10 pages long 
articles in this magazine? Long texts belong to books, not magazines. 
Instead, "The Theosophical Digest" by the TS in the Philippines is a 
very nice modern magazine.

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