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Acting under the Master's orders I began a new movement in the West....

Oct 07, 2008 09:14 AM
by danielhcaldwell

Writing in 1890, H.P. Blavatsky wrote:

...Acting under the Master's orders I began a new movement in the
West on the original lines; I founded Lucifer, and the Lodge which
bears my name. Recognizing the splendid work done at Adyar by Colonel
Olcott and others to carry out the second of the three objects of the
T.S., viz., to promote the study of Oriental Literature, I was
determined to carry out here the two others. All know with what
success this had been attended. Twice Colonel Olcott was asked to
come over, and then I learned that I was once more wanted in India ?
at any rate by some. But the invitation came too late; neither would
my doctor permit it, nor can I, if I would be true to my life-pledge
and vows, now live at the Headquarters [at Adyar] from which the 
Masters and Their spirit are virtually banished. The presence of 
Their portraits will not help; They are a dead letter. The truth is 
that I can never return to India in any other capacity than as Their 
faithful agent. And as, unless They appear among the Council in 
propria persona (which They will certainly never do now), no advice 
of mine on occult lines seems likely to be accepted, as the fact of 
my relations with the Masters is doubted, even totally denied by 
some; and I myself having no right to the Headquarters, what reason 
is there, therefore, for me to live at Adyar?

The fact is this: In my position, half-measures are worse than
none. People have either to believe entirely in me, or to honestly
disbelieve. No one, no Theosophist, is compelled to believe, but it
is worse than useless for people to ask me to help them, if they do
not believe in me. Here in Europe and America are many who have never
flinched in their devotion to Theosophy; consequently the spread of
Theosophy and of the T.S., in the West, during the last three years,
has been extraordinary. The chief reason for this is that I was
enabled and encouraged by the devotion of an ever-increasing number
of members to the Cause and to Those who guide it, to establish an
Esoteric Section, in which I can teach something of what I have
learned to those who have confidence in me, and who prove this
confidence by their disinterested work for Theosophy and the T.S. For
the future, then, it is my intention to devote my life and energy to
the E.S., and to the teaching of those whose confidence I retain. It
is useless that I should use the little time I have before me to
justify myself before those who do not feel sure about the real
existence of the Masters, only because, misunderstanding me, it
therefore suits them to suspect me....
Quoted from:

Blavatsky Study Center / Blavatsky Archives

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