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TS - Elections, secret disenfranchisement proposal -- Feedback from members

Oct 06, 2008 08:05 PM
by MKR

I am hearing from the grapevine that many members seems to have written to
the "leaders" in the USA both on the election as well as the secret rules
change and disenfranchisement proposal.

Would it not be nice if either the members come out in the open and post
them here and/or the "leaders" who have received them share them with all of
us (of course with the permission from the writers -- not to violate any
privacy request or "copyright" claims).

If any writer wants to post them here and at the same time want to keep
their anonymity, they can send to me and I will help posting here.

More open information and more open feed back, more sunshine is any day
better than secrecy and opaqueness.


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