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Re: [theos-l] Who can Reside in Adyar or Krotona or Work at Wheaton?

Oct 06, 2008 10:35 AM
by MKR


It is getting towards TS ridiculed by some who make fun of it. Latest I
heard some referring to Olcott as "Olcottrraz" after the infamous prison in
San Francisco called Alcatraz (now a museum). This does not bode well for
TS. We need to do someting to turn this around, instead of trying to tamper
with rules and disenfranchising all the members, when the real problem is
downward slide in membership and retention and need immediate local


On 10/6/08, Erica Letzerich <> wrote:
>      Friends,
> Posted on the blog " Theosophy Forward - Theosophy Moving into the 21st
> Century" (now a ghost blog as it was abruptly removed from the net) there
> was an issue which was WHO CAN RESIDE AT ADYAR. Unfortunatly I do not have a
> copy of it.
> In the link below there is the depoiment a theosophist sent to me. Read it
> and take your own conclusion.
> Erica

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