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A Requiem for The Theosophical Society

Oct 05, 2008 05:29 PM
by Pedro Oliveira

Dedicated to Jack and Maloney.

[This is a fictional story, if you believe it.]

2008 is endgame. In the end it was indeed a Forlorn Hope. The many 
warnings were not heeded and the Brothers' Project just floundered. 
Kaliyugamurti, the Great Avatar of the South, ended up not playing a 
small part in it. He just knew when to act to bring the whole 
structure down. 

What was earlier a great promise in the Descending Arc is now 
finished as dust in the wind. The Eastern Paradise will find eager 
buyers, the Old Lady will be asked, in writing, to vacate the 
Zoroastrian Abode and the dream of a new humanity will be revealed 
to be what it was all along: a dream.

Thw Western Chapters will gradually become irrelevant as internecine 
wars for empty leadership will rage. The Great Eastern Chapter may 
last for a while but eventually the Great Lord Tamas will take care 
of it.

In the very end, too words were seen in the pale eastern sky: "Who 
Cares?" and the Brothers were not seen anywhere.

But nobody can say, in this final end, that Jack and Maloney didn't 
try. Nobody.


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