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TS Lodges in NL

Oct 05, 2008 05:08 PM
by MKR

In the NL blog it states:

"In our Dutch Section, a quarter to a third of the members are unattached to
any local group. In addition, the Section has nine Lodges (some of which own
their own buildings but whose members are mainly older) and seven Study
Centers (whose members are often younger). No new Lodges have been chartered
for some fifty years. Yet most of the Study Centers have seven or more
members, some as many as twenty-five members. The Study Center members do
not want to be concerned with the organizational details of a Lodge, such as
formal rules and officers."

I could not believe my eyes.

For 50 years not a single lodge has been chartered.

Tells us something about what is going on in NL. Has anyone looked into why?
Has the General Secretary, who is one of those who wants to change the rules
and disenfranchise us overnight, looked into the causes of this situation.

Is fixing this problem not a high priority compared to tinkering with rules
and disenfranchising members world-wide? Facts stare at you. You do not need
to be a PHD to see the problem unless you do not want to.

In one of the cities in India I used to live, Col Olcott chartered over 100
years ago, two lodges in a single day. Travel and communications was
difficult. Yet he was able to do it. Instead of whining and dickering with
the rules, we need get off of our lethargy and do something. Rules are not
the culprits. It is the national leadership.

Are GC members reading this message? May be meditation on this fact may
help see the problems clearly.


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