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Tolerance shown by TS membership in India is unmatched

Oct 05, 2008 02:49 PM
by Anand

John Algeo and company argued that Indians don't vote for foreigners.
It is not true. 
Today, in India, leader of ruling party Congress is a woman born in
Italy, Ms. Sonia Gandhi. This woman is most powerful political leader
in India. Even the prime minister or President are not as powerful as
Annie Besant, a British woman, was also the most powerful political
leader in India. Only Mahatma Gandhi replaced her later. 
Annie Besant was also elected as President of the TS many times by
members of the TS.
Another president G.S. Arundale was also a foreigner and yet he was
elected as president of the TS many times.
John Coats is one more example.
Colonel Olcott, despite being American, received much co-operation
from Indian people, which made the TS an international organization.
So you can see Indians are not against foreign leaders and even women
leaders. Today President of India is a woman. Even American women did
not get such honor in whole of USA's political history.
So argument of John Algeo camp that Indians don't elect foreigners is
not correct.
Indians are among the most tolerant people in the world. Despite 85%
Hindu population, last time they gave the post of President to a
Muslim person Dr. Abdul Kalam. 
Maharashtra is most industrialized state in India. For many years it's
Governor was P.C. Alexander, a Christian.
So tolerance and respect shown by Indian masses to persons of other
faiths and nationalities is unmatched.
So, argument of John Algeo camp that Indians don't elect foreign
leaders is just not true. 
Fact is large portion of membership in American TS trusts Radha
Burnier more than John Algeo or Betty Bland. And current attempts by
John and Betty to disenfranchise members prove that peoples' trust in
Radha was justified. 
Anand Gholap

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