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Re: Theos-World Blog taken offline?

Oct 05, 2008 01:36 PM
by MKR

Here is the text of the introduction to the blog:

"Contributions are invited. Responses to particular Discussions, Articles,
or Messages to the General Council may be submitted for consideration by
entering a reply at the bottom of the particular page. New topics for
Discussion are also invited and may be submitted for consideration by using
the following e-mail address: *reply[at]* (make sure to
replace [at] with @) and entering a concise statement of the topic in the
subject line. All contributions should focus on policies and programs (not
on personalities) and be constructive in tone (not just negatively
critical). They should also be signed with the contributor's full and actual

It is significant to note that while the owner does not disclose his/her
identity, the blog says the poster should sign it with full and actual name.
What is the owner afraid of? Want to censor? The attitude is typical of many
of those in TS leadership position who are used to control (censor) what is
going on. Years ago, TSA tried a censored maillist and it died a natural

Let us wait and see what the problem is with the blog to be down.


On 10/5/08, Pedro Oliveira <> wrote:
>   I have noticed yesterday (it is already Monday morning in Sydney) that
> the blog "theosophyforward", containing views of some General Council
> members on TS matters after the Presidential election, was suddenly
> taken offline. As a matter of fact, this seems to have happened soon
> after Katinka Hesselink "announced" it!
> Does anybody know why this has happened? I also noticed that Anton
> mentions it in his website as offline. Does anyone know who its
> webmaster is? While the blog was online I saw the name "Jan" on top of
> the homepage. That seems to be a Dutch name. I wonder if it was
> someone living in The Netherlands or a Dutch person living in the US,
> or visiting the US.
> Pedro

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