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Re: Thesophy and democracy

Oct 05, 2008 11:36 AM
by Erica Letzerich

Dear Warwick,

There would be not a 'hohaa', if there was not a proposal to remove
the rights of the members to vote for international President, leaving
such a choice to the members of the council alone. 

Even here in Greece which is a Parliamentary Democracy, the political
parties are oblied to chose the representant of their party so the
people will know who will be the chief-minister, before the elections

Now everything can be improved, nothing is perfect. I am very much
sure many things can be improved even in the by-laws. But I believe
that you know, as a person with political experience, that in moments
of crisis the possibility for wise decisions to be taken are very low.

I also would like to know what is your position in relation to the
changes proposed to rule 10? 


--- In, "Warwick Keys" <keyteach@...> wrote:
> Dear Theosophists
> Beneath the surface of the present 'hooha' on the proposed changes to
> the TS international constitution of the Society is a basic principle, a
> principle which surely must be basic to modern theosophical thinking. It
> is the principle of democracy and democratic process.
> An objective outside obsever who has any knowledge and experience of
> organisational structures and democratic process can immediately discern
> that the TS rules are seriously flawed and follow a hierarchial
> Victorian line that allows for the possiblity of manipulation and
> autocratic control. The constitution is seriously out of date and
> certainly out of time now in the twenty-first century.
> Those members presently debating the pros and cons of the suggested
> changes are on the whole displaying an untheosophical lack of
> objectivity and discernment - both ways. Emotionally based tirades do
> nothing to further the progress of the Society or the advancement of
> theosophy - in fact they hinder the process.
> This is a time for cool heads, clear thinking and attunement to true
> theosophical understandings. Few of the contributors to the current
> discussions display much knowledge and/or experince of democratic
> organisation and process.
> I have around forty years such experience here in New Zealand - outside
> of the Theosophical Society. I have been involved in political activity
> at all levels from national politics to local governement at all levels.
> I also have been involved in the drawing up of constitutions for three
> or four incorporated societies.
> The present constitution of the Inernational Theosophical Society is
> seriously flawed when viewed objectively and with discerning eyes. It
> allows for an organised group within the Society to dominate the Society
> by 'constitutional' means, whether knowingly or unwittingly (although I
> think the latter is unlikely).
> If the Society is to make progess, and more importantly, if the
> promotion of the Theosophical teachings and the work of The Masters, is
> to move forward - instead of remaining stagnant, then one of the first
> moves has to be to free up the method of governance and bring the
> Society into line with progressive and positive modern organisational
> practice.
> Objective discussion, free from low emotion, is surely the expected norm
> for discussion in the Society. It is not always easy to find at present.
> Let the discerning Theosophists make their voices heard and let us heed
> the wisdom of Sophia and of the Fathers of Democracy.
> Fraternal greetings
> Warwick Keys
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