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Annie Besant's article on the Jesuits

Oct 05, 2008 00:58 AM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

Dear readers

Is it possible to find the following article online?
And why not?

HPB Collected Writings, vol. 9, p. 317:
"In connection with H.P.B.'s essay on "Theosophy or Jesuitism?" mention should be made of the direct and outspoken article written by Annie Besant under the title of "Theosophy and the Society of Jesus." This article refers to H.P.B.'s own essay, and deals with the subject in a very unique manner. It may be found in The Theosophist, Vol. XIV, December, 1892, pp. 147-151, and would repay careful perusal."

M. Sufilight

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