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Memorandum dictated to HPB by KH about Olcott & the TS

Oct 04, 2008 04:10 PM
by danielhcaldwell

The following extracts come from Letter 60 in Volume

In an introductory editorial Note, C. Jinarajdasa comments:

This also, as Letter 40, is not in the handwriting of any of the 
Masters. It is in the handwriting of H.P.B., written on thin 
notepaper in pencil. It is evident that it is a memorandum of the 
remarks of the Master K.H. regarding the situation of the T.S. in 
1888 [possibly received July of that year when Master KH was bodily 
in London]....The remarks of Master K.H. may have been one reason why 
H.P.B. insisted on forming the E.S.T.[Esoteric School of Theosophy], 
or in case Colonel Olcott refused, on making a separate division for 
Europe of the parent Theosophical Society under her direction. 
Happily Letter 19 [from Master KH] which he received on board s.s. 
Shannon [in August 1888], broke down his opposition, and the two old 
comrades met in friendship, and the E.S.T. was born [in October 

Now the excerpt dictated to HPB by Master Koot Hoomi:

Such are the reasons why if he [Henry Olcott] still occasionally 
feels M[orya]..., he never senses me nor hears from, or of me though 
his thought wandered more than once [over] the scenes and house you 
made once familiar to him... .

He wants to know why? [This is in reply to a question HPB had 
received from Olcott]. Because the [Theosophical] Society has 
liberated itself from our grasp and influence and we have let it go ? 
we make no unwilling slaves. He [Olcott] says he has saved it? He 
saved its body, but he allowed through sheer fear, to its soul to 
escape, and it [the Theosophical Society] is now A SOULESS CORPSE, a 
machine run so far well enough, but which will fall to pieces when he 
is gone. Out of the three objects the second alone is attended to, 
but it is no longer either a brotherhood, nor a body over the face of 
which broods the Spirit from beyond the Great Range. 

His kindness and love of peace are great and truly Gautamic in their 
spirit; but he has misapplied that kindness; he allowed it to rest 
upon and benefit an unworthy object ? a man whose soul is filled with 
the scum falling from other people's wicked souls, with the pus 
exuding from other people's wounds. The giving honours to a wicked 
man is like giving strong drink to him. who has a fever. The bread he 
(C. Oakley) [A.J. Cooper-Oakley] ate, the roof that sheltered him, 
the little 'Society honours' scattered on him by one whom he sought 
to destroy from the very day he entered  Adyar, were all taken away 
by Henry from another man ? whomsoever he may have been ? who was 
worthy of all this, but for whom there was thus no room left near 
Olcott. This is his (Olcott's) sin. No harm should be done even to 
the wretch whom gratitude fails to bind but he should not be 
permitted to lay claim to truth and honour, and given means to carry 
out his foul conspiracy, once that he stood confessed in Henry's eyes?
 'the brute disguised in moss'. 

In our sight there is no crime worse than ingratitude and injustice; 
and to see one who suffers them without protest is equal to seeing in 
him a passive confederate to them. This policy has done more harm to 
the spirit of the Society and its growth than several Coulombs could 
do. For by allowing to remain at the [Adyar] Headquarters one who for 
four years never wrote a letter to a theosophist without enclosing in 
it a Parthian arrow against the Pres. Founder or his Co-Founder, 
Henry sanctioned his slanders. 

["]Behold,["] thought the Frenchmen, the Americans and the Germans 
who received such letters monthly ? 

["]behold what one of the heads of the T.S. writes. No doubt H.S.O. 
remains only because he was elected for life and H.P.B. was rightly 
kicked out of Adyar. Where is she now? Her name is hardly mentioned, 
she is forgotten and gone and we are told [by Oakley and his wife] 
that the 'Masters' are in direct correspondence and communication 
with C.O. ? their true delegate being now at Madras ? S.R. [1] etc.

There is a strange Karma, added Master [KH] smiling. Henry feared to 
break with C.O. lest he should lose S.R. [1] and N.C. [2]; and now he 
lost N.C. and S.R. [both of whom had just resigned from the T.S., 
July 1888], and is forced to have C.O., who is the leading evil 
genius of the two....
1 T. Subba Row.
2 Dr Neild Cook.

caps added

I have also added more explanatory comments in brackets [  ]  .


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