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Thesophy and democracy

Oct 04, 2008 02:26 PM
by Warwick Keys

Dear Theosophists

Beneath the surface of the present 'hooha' on the proposed changes to
the TS international constitution of the Society is a basic principle, a
principle which surely must be basic to modern theosophical thinking. It
is the principle of democracy and democratic process.

An objective outside obsever who has any knowledge and experience of
organisational structures and democratic process can immediately discern
that the TS rules are seriously flawed and follow a hierarchial
Victorian line that allows for the possiblity of manipulation and
autocratic control. The constitution is seriously out of date and
certainly out of time now in the twenty-first century.

Those members presently debating the pros and cons of the suggested
changes are on the whole displaying an untheosophical lack of
objectivity and discernment - both ways. Emotionally based tirades do
nothing to further the progress of the Society or the advancement of
theosophy - in fact they hinder the process.

This is a time for cool heads, clear thinking and attunement to true
theosophical understandings. Few of the contributors to the current
discussions display much knowledge and/or experince of democratic
organisation and process.

I have around forty years such experience here in New Zealand - outside
of the Theosophical Society. I have been involved in political activity
at all levels from national politics to local governement at all levels.
I also have been involved in the drawing up of constitutions for three
or four incorporated societies.

The present constitution of the Inernational Theosophical Society is
seriously flawed when viewed objectively and with discerning eyes. It
allows for an organised group within the Society to dominate the Society
by 'constitutional' means, whether knowingly or unwittingly (although I
think the latter is unlikely).

If the Society is to make progess, and more importantly, if the
promotion of the Theosophical teachings and the work of The Masters, is
to move forward - instead of remaining stagnant, then one of the first
moves has to be to free up the method of governance and bring the
Society into line with progressive and positive modern organisational

Objective discussion, free from low emotion, is surely the expected norm
for discussion in the Society. It is not always easy to find at present.

Let the discerning Theosophists make their voices heard and let us heed
the wisdom of Sophia and of the Fathers of Democracy.

Fraternal greetings

Warwick Keys

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